Christmas Gift Guide for Your Dog

I know I can’t be the only one who buys presents for my dog at Christmas. It’s fun to include them in the gift giving, even if they have no idea what’s going on. Of course our furry friends need a new toy or comfy bed at Christmas!

This year’s gift guide, just like last year, is broken into three groups based on what type of dog you might have. Whether he’s a Playful Pup, a Pampered Pooch or a Fashionable Fido, there’s something on the list for most any type of dog personality. My dog Hunter falls into the “Playful Pup” category and Roscoe falls into the “Fashionable Fido” category, so I have found lots of great ideas for both.

So here you go! My best picks for what to get your dog this Christmas. For more gift ideas, visit:


  1. iFetch – A fun new toy for dogs that launches balls automatically for dogs that can’t get enough of playing fetch (even when you’ve had enough).
  2. Splash pool-  For the dog that loves to swim, isn’t it about time you got him a pool?!
  3. The Odin – This fun, new puzzle toy can be bought in multiples to stack and make more challenging for your pup.
  4. Tether Tup – Hours of fun for your dog!
  5. Enrichment Feeders – The Busy Buddy line of enrichment feeders are a favorite of every dog I know! Hunter has all three of these and loves them.


  1. Sleepypod Harnesses – Hunter and Roscoe love their Sleepypod harnesses! The plush carrier pictured above is great for small dogs who like a little comfort for their car ride.
  2. Customized Pet Bed – Of course your pampered pooch needs his own personalized bed!
  3. Dog Snuggi Luxe – This is just too cute to resist. Roscoe definitely needs one of these.
  4. Dog Bike Basket – Don’t leave your dog at home when you want to go for a bike ride!
  5. Dog Spa Set – I’m sure there are at least a few dogs out there that enjoy bath time, so this spa set is for them.


  1. Sherpa-lined Fair Isle Sweater – This sweater will keep your dog warm and looking fashionable at the same time.
  2. Polka dot shirt – Polka dots are so in right now! Your dog most definitely needs this shirt.
  3. Designer Bandanas – I can’t get enough bandanas for my dogs. These are definitely on my list for Hunter and Roscoe.
  4. Dog Hair Bows – This sparkly bow is perfect for the holidays.
  5. Plaid Bow Tie Bandana – I can’t resist a plaid pattern for my dogs!

What are you getting your dog this Christmas?

Disclaimer: I received two free harnesses from Sleepypod to review. Although the product was provided free of charge, the opinions expressed here are my own.


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