About Dogs in the CLE

Cleveland is a very dog friendly place, but not everyone seems to know it. We haven’t quite broke onto the lists for dog-friendliest cities, but we’re getting close! This site is my way to bring attention to all that the CLE has to offer for dog lovers, from events and activities to dog friendly places and local businesses.


And since being a truly dog friendly city means caring about all members of the dog community, I also post from time to time about rescue organizations and adoptable and needy dogs.

Other members of the Dogs in the CLE team: Hunter, a very social Pomeranian and Roscoe, a shy long-haired Chihuahua mix. I take a lot of pictures of them (which you can see on Instagram at Dogs in the CLE) and like to talk about them a lot, so expect to see them here frequently as well.
 Want to suggest a dog-friendly place, something fun you’ve done with your dog or have questions about any of the places mentioned here? Email me, Ann McDonald, at dogsinthecle@gmail.com or follow me at:
Photos of Hunter and Roscoe courtesy of Bouncing Light Photography. http://bouncinglightphoto.com/


16 thoughts on “About Dogs in the CLE”

  1. Hi! I like your site a lot and you have a great list of dog friendly places to go out and beaches.
    I’d love to see more details on the beaches like whether they have grass or gravel, fenced or not, etc.

    Your pups are ADORABLE!



    1. Thank you! I will add more info to the beaches page. I can tell you now though, the only fenced in one is Bow Wow Beach. The rest are just along the lake, so although some people have their dogs off leash, it’s not a contained area. Just some sand and the lake!


      1. I was just at Edgewater Beach in the “dogs only” area with my 7 month old Border Collie/Cattle Dog. This is the third time she has been there. Teaching her to go into the water and having fun was our main goal. The first time out… she was a bit afraid of the “waves”, but so enjoyed running with the other pups. Second time, we took her out into the water and had her swim to the shore… again, great time playing with all of the well-behaved “pups” on the beach and watching them run into the water. Third time out, she figured out how to run and jump into the water.. Met up with some great other dogs and all but a few were off-leash. Everyone was well attentive to their dogs and watching the interaction. Only drawback… they will get sand all over them, but with the new Beach House there is a place for you to rinse them off. Also, the sand is quite hot for those little paws, so I would suggest getting some Musher’s Secret to put on them.


  2. Thank-you for creating this website!
    I’m always looking for people to network with regarding dogs and local fundraisers.
    When I want to help out an organization and include my dog I know I can come here first.


  3. Great website! I live in Summit County and there does not appear to be a similar website for my area. Do you think you might expand out of Cleveland?


    1. I would love to. Still gathering more info on dog friendly places, but I try to write about things/places going on there when I can! If you have any good tips, let me know!


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  5. am looking for a warm place to walk my yorkie in Akron . I’am a senior but Lilly is not and we both need our excercise.


  6. I am a Benefits Manager for an organization downtown Cleveland. We are trying to find a group that brings in adoptable dogs (and cats) to our employees to pet and see if they want to adopt. Are you familiar with anyone that will do that?



  7. I love this website!! My roommate and I just adopted a dog and we can’t wait to bring him everywhere once we’ve worked on training!!!


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