Dog Friendly Spotlight: Edison’s

(Update 5/2017 – dogs are no longer allowed inside at Edison’s. They are still welcome on the patio).

Reason number 8,978 why I’m not a fan of the winter:  there are so few options for places to take your dog.  During the summer months I can take Hunter to one of the dozens of dog friendly patios across the city to grab a drink and a bite to eat. But during the winter months the list of places shrinks down significantly.

There are a couple of options for those of us who like to get our dogs out during the winter. This past weekend I took Hunter to Edison’s in Tremont to enjoy some beer and pizza (just beer for him. Just kidding! He was bummed to not get either). Edison’s is one of the most dog friendly bars in Cleveland. I don’t think I’ve ever been there and not seen at least one dog. This past weekend there were two other dogs when we arrived, including a very large dog hanging out in the back room (dogs of all sizes are welcome!).

In general, I am more comfortable taking Hunter to a patio than inside a bar, but Edison’s is so dog friendly I don’t even really think about it when I am there. I do keep a few things in mind though to make the experience enjoyable for both Hunter and the people around me:

  • Go early – Things can get a little crazy and hectic at bars as the night goes on. Anytime I take Hunter to a bar, we go on the earlier side when I know it’ll be less crowded. As social as your dog may be, once things start getting too crowded it really won’t be enjoyable for him or her.
  • Know your dog – Being inside in a smaller space with other dogs can lead to problems. Know your dog and his limits. Generally an indoor bar setting is going to be best for a calm, laid back dog that isn’t people or dog reactive. Hunter can be a little of both, so I play it by ear with him and try to keep him out of other people’s way. I know with him it’s just going to him begging for attention, not barking or biting at people, so that’s easier to manage than some issues.
  • Take a walk before – In addition to taking a walk beforehand to have him or her do his business, it’s always a good idea to work off some energy before going and sitting at a bar.

Here are some other options if you’re looking to get out with your dog for a drink this winter:

Flying Monkey 819 Jefferson Ave., Tremont,
Barking Spider 11310 Juniper Rd., Cleveland
Bier Markt / Barcento 1948 W. 25th Street, Ohio City
NanoBrew 1859 W 25th St. Ohio City

Do you take your dog out to bars during the winter? What is your favorite place?



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The source for what to do with your dog in Cleveland.

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