Dog-Friendly Baseball Games in the CLE

So the Indians have ditched Puppypalooza, maybe for good. Last year it was taken off the schedule (I think after they added in the Corner Bar) and it’s not on the schedule again this year. It’s too bad too, since I think Cleveland dogs were some of their most loyal fans…

Lucky for us dog-and-baseball loving Clevelanders, we have some other options. Several area minor league teams will be hosting dog-friendly nights this summer. And, you can always take a trip a little further away to see a major league game.

Check out the schedule of dog-friendly games:

Bark in the Park

Lake Erie Captains – June 26, Aug. 8 and Aug. 28

Classic Park in Willowick will host three dog-friendly nights this summer! Seats for these dog friendly games are $8 for the bleachers and lawn area, plus the $5 Pooch Pass. Visit for more details. Proceeds from the games will benefit the Lake Humane Society or the Geauga Animal Shelter.

Lake Erie Crushers – June 19 and July 10

Bring your dog to watch the Lake Erie Crushers take on the Traverse City Beach Bums on June 19th and the Joliet Slammers on July 10 at their park in Avon. Find out more here:

Akron RubberDucks – June 8, July 6 and Aug. 10

Load up the furkids and head to Canal Park in downtown Akron! Visit for more info.

From Puppypalooza 2014. #RIPPuppypalooza

Away games

For major league dog-friendly baseball games, you’ll have to travel a little ways. The Pittsburgh Pirates host dogs every Tuesday for home games. The Cincinnati Reds will welcome dogs on June 9, Aug. 24 and Sept. 13. Visit for more details on Pirates’ games and for more info on the Reds.

If you want to plan a road trip with your dog for a baseball game, check out GoPetFriendly’s list of dog-friendly baseball games across the U.S. :

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Who Needs Puppypalooza??

So, I’ve got some bad news – there’s no Puppypalooza at Progressive Field this year. I didn’t get an answer from the Indians (through Twitter) when I asked why, but I am assuming it’s because of the new Corner Bar that’s now in the same space they previously held Puppypalooza.

Lucky for us though, it’s not the only game in town. Thanks to minor league teams and area MLB teams, there are other opportunities to get your baseball loving dog out to a game.

Here are some other options for dog-friendly baseball watching this summer:

July 28 & Aug. 11 – Lake Erie Captains Bark in the Park

Bring your dog to Classic Park to watch the Lake Erie Captains take on the Lansing Lugnuts on July 28 or the Cedar Rapids Kernels on Aug. 11. Dog owners can purchase $5 dog passes for the game and a portion of the proceeds will benefit local animal charities. Visit for more info.

June 10 & Aug. 19 – Akron Rubber Ducks Bark in the Park

Bring your furkids to Canal Park to watch the Akron Rubber Ducks take on the New Hampshire Fisher Cats on June 10 or the Harrisburg Senators on Aug. 19. Visit for more info.

June 14 – Lake Erie Crushers

Bring your dog to watch the Lake Erie Crushers take on the Washington Wild Things at their park in Avon. Tickets can be purchased here:

Nearby MLB games:

It’s a good thing the Pirates are in the National League, because I think I have a new favorite baseball team. The Pittsburgh Pirates host Pup Nights at PNC every Tuesday home game. That gives you 10 chances to take your dog out to a game this summer. Tickets are $30 for dog and human. For more information visit:

Ugh and the Reds. I don’t want to be a Cincinnati Reds fan, but they are hosting dog night four times this summer! All area baseball teams are really showing up the Indians’ in their love for dogs. Boo. Check out for more info on their Bark in the Park games.

If you want to find more dog friendly baseball game options, check out Go Pet Friendly’s list of all the games throughout the U.S.

Hunter is actually glad there is no Puppypalooza this year. He didn't enjoy last year's game.
Hunter is actually glad there is no Puppypalooza this year. He didn’t enjoy last year’s game.


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Puppypalooza 2014

It may have been a hot one last night, but that didn’t stop dogs from all over the city from coming out to see the Indians take on the Angels at the annual Puppypalooza game. The puppypalooza tickets were sold out, so there were a lot of dogs – large and small – in attendance.

As it turned out, Hunter is not as big of a baseball fan as I hoped he would be. There was a little too much activity, and noise, for Hunter’s tastes. We still had fun though seeing all of the dogs at the game, and cooling off in the doggie pools. The pools were probably Hunter’s favorite part.

Here are some photos from the event:

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Hunter relaxed a little as it cooled off, but I’m not sure it’s something I’d do with him again. If you have a dog that is ok with loud noises, this is a really fun event and a great way to get out and spend some time with your dog.

Luckily we got out right before it started raining. And since they ended up losing, we didn’t miss much.

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Thanks to my friend Annie (the official-unofficial Dogs in the CLE photographer) for taking most of these pics, since my camera died, and  more importantly, because she has a better camera.


Are you ready for some baseball?!

It’s that time of year again – baseball season! I love when the season starts because I know that means summer is not far away. Since the season kicked off Friday at Progressive, I’ve been getting excited about going to some games and one game in particular – Puppypalooza! Last year I didn’t do well planning ahead and wasn’t able to make either Puppypalooza game at Progressive, so this year I decided to check the schedule early to get the dates on my calendar.

So you can mark your calendars too, here are the details for Puppypalooza 2014 at Progressive Field:

Tuesday, June 17

puppypalooza indians game
Can’t wait to recreate this picture with Hunter! Photo courtesy of

Bring your dog to cheer on the Indians as they take on the Los Angeles Angels. A portion of the proceeds will go to the Cleveland APL. Purchase tickets for yourself and your dog at

To read more about Puppypalooza check out my blog from last year:

Last year there were two dates, but so far I only see one Puppypalooza date on the schedule. If you can’t make this game, don’t worry – Puppyapalooza isn’t your only chance to catch a baseball game with your dog. Both the Lake Erie Captains and the Akron RubberDucks have special nights where you can bring your dog to a game.

Akron RubberDucks
Wednesday, June 11
Bark in the Park

Bring your dog down to Canal Park to see the RubberDucks take on the Binghamton Mets. Purchase your tickets here:

Lake Erie Captains
Monday, July 28
Bark in the Park

The Lake Erie Captains Bark in the Park will be held July 28 at Classic Park.  Dog owners can purchase $5 pooch passes for the game  and a portion of the proceeds will benefit local animal charities. Purchase tickets here:

Ready for the game!
Ready for the game!

See you at the game!