Dogs of Spain and Portugal

Sorry for the long break guys! I was on vacation for two weeks and then had trouble getting back into my routine again. I’ve never been away that long from home, and from my pups, so when I got back I just wanted to relax and spend some time with them.

I had a great vacation though, so it was well worth the time away. Although I love to travel, it’s a little harder now with two dogs. When it was just Hunter I didn’t worry as much about leaving him with family or friends, but once I adopted Roscoe I realized that I needed to find someone who could handle two dogs and would be sensitive to Roscoe’s quirks (ie: not picking him up, not walking towards him, generally just leaving him alone until he crawls over to you and begs for snuggles and pets. He’s kind of like a cat.) Luckily, I found a great pet sitter through, Leigh (who also owns Bouncing Light/Chewbone Studio), so I feel comfortable leaving my pups and traveling a little more now. And, she sends me great pictures! It’s a win-win all around. (Here’s her Rover profile if you’re in the market:

Luckily I got to see plenty of dogs on my vacation in Spain and Portugal. I was so blown away by how dogs were EVERYWHERE, especially in Barcelona. I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a dog, usually one that was walking off-leash with his or her owner. Usually seeing dogs off leash makes me nervous, but in Barcelona in particular, all of the dogs were very well trained and focused on their walks, rarely noticing dogs or people around them. I really wanted to stop and ask the owners how they trained them so well, but since my Spanish is not very good, I didn’t.

I also noticed that no one seemed very interested in the dogs when they were out on a walk, which I feel is very different than in the states. When I am out walking my dogs, or sitting with them somewhere, people often stop and want to pet them or say something. I never saw that happen in Spain and Portugal — maybe because it is so common to see dogs everywhere. It might be one of the reasons  the dogs seem to be so well behaved, because they don’t get as much outside attention. Whatever it is, it was an interesting contrast to the states.

Since I had to get my fill of dog photos even while being away from my dogs, I took a few photos for you.

This puppy I did stop to pet because he seemed very interested in me and he reminded me of Roscoe. I hope he wasn’t a stray, but it was hard to tell.

image image


Not something you’d usually see in the states – an older man carrying a small poodle in a bag. Loved it!



A tribute to dogs and cats on the beach in Cascais, Portugal.



A photo montage of dogs in Barcelona, a few on leash!



If you want to see better photos of dogs all around the world, check out this photo project by Jesse Hunter “All the Dogs in the World”

It’s pretty cool to see how the love for dogs transcends different cultures!