Ice Cream Party!

I’m not exactly a crafty person who spends my day baking and doing DIY projects. But sometimes, Pinterest makes me think I could be this person. I’ve pinned a lot of dog recipes and projects, but most of them seem a little above my skill level. I saw an easy one recently though: DIY 3 Ingredient Dog Ice Cream Recipe, so I thought I’d start easy and give this a try.

I am very careful about what Hunter eats, and I never share my food with him, but since it’s his birthday week (yes, I am celebrating a day he has concept of for a week, don’t judge), I thought I’d make him something special. The good thing about making something for a dog is that chances are good they will eat it no matter what it tastes like, so there’s really no stress about messing it up.

I wanted to make the strawberry ice cream, but coconut butter is pretty expensive (and extremely hard to find) so I decided to skip that one and do two modified versions of the second recipe. (Also, I don’t like coconut, so Hunter probably doesn’t either.) I made the pumpkin-peanut butter one (substituting Greek yogurt) and improvised on the second one, blending pumpkin, blueberries, a little bit of honey and Greek yogurt.



One tip: unlike me, you should follow the instructions to put your mixture into self-serve cups (this is why I’m not a great baker, I don’t like to follow directions). After it freezes, the “ice cream” will be very hard to scoop out, it pretty much just becomes frozen pumpkin. Since I didn’t want to give Hunter the full bowl, I had to defrost it for a while before I could give Hunter any. I think putting it in an ice tray would be a good really idea.

Pumpkin is actually really great for dogs (pure pumpkin puree with no sugar). It’s a good source of fiber and can help dogs with digestive issues. You don’t want to give your dog too much since it is high in Vitamin A, but a tablespoon or so should be ok depending on your dog’s size. I was careful to start out slow and only give Hunter a little bit just to make sure nothing irritated his stomach.

If you do want to make ice cream for your dog, it’s a good idea to check if the fruit you want to add is safe for dogs. Here’s a good list to refer to:

I think it was a success! Hunter seemed a little unsure at first but then dug right in. Think I might need to have a dog ice cream party now!

Do you have any good recipes you like to make for your dog?

Best of the dog blogs

I think my favorite thing about reading other dog blogs is it makes me realize I’m not the only crazy person obsessed with my dog. It’s fun to see the love that other dog owners have for their dogs and the different ways they express it. Since starting my blog I’ve discovered a lot of fun sites that I keep up with regularly. All of these blogs have inspired my site in some way so I wanted to share my favorites and maybe introduce you to some new blogs you may not have come across before.


Pretty Fluffy just might be one of my favorite web sites, dog or non-dog related. This well-designed site has a wealth of information on everything from doggie DIY and recipes to interviews with pet companies and pet friendly living ideas. One of my favorite things on the site is their Style & Photography page which features beautiful photo spreads of dogs done by different professional photographers. Everything on this site is well done, from the design to the photography to the writing. 



GoPetFriendly Dogs and travel are two of my favorite things so of course I would love a site that brings the two together.  GoPetFriendly is a great resource for everything pet-travel related. It has travel guides for many cities, highlighting things to do with your dog in different areas. It has a lot of helpful advice for planning trips as well as contributed pieces by people that have taken different trips with their dogs to give you a firsthand account. If you want to plan a trip with your dog and want some ideas for where to go and what to do, this is your go-to site.



AndFosterMakesFive What I love about this blog is the writer Stephanie’s honesty. She is unabashedly in love with her dogs and shares that in all of her posts. One of my favorite posts that got me hooked on her blog was this one about her love for her foster dog: “How Not to Fall in Love with Your Foster Dog.” Just try not to cry when you read it. She also posts some training tips and advice especially helpful for those that foster dogs. The mission behind her blog is to shine a light on the importance of rescuing dogs, especially pit bulls, and I think she does a great job at it.




Lola the Pitty Another site with a great mission, Lola the Pitty is all about showing love for pit bulls. Filled with lots of pictures of her pit-bull mix, Lola, as well as posts on recipes, training and adoptable dogs, Lola the Pitty is a fun read. She features a lot of adoptable dogs on the site, especially bully breeds. If you didn’t really like pit bulls before, this site might change your opinion.

What are your favorite dog blogs?

Valentine’s Day Treats for your dog

Whether you’re single, married or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day should be a day to celebrate those you love in your life. And who do you love more than your dog? (Don’t worry, I won’t tell.) There’s lots of fun ways to share the love with your furry friend, whether you’re feeling crafty, want to bake for your dog, or just want to buy him a special treat.

Here are some of my top picks:

1. 52 weeks of Treats – This e-book has lots of great ideas for treats you can make your dog, including “Puppy Kisses,” perfect for Valentine’s Day.

2. Treats from Fetch Pet Boutique + Spa (250 Rockcliff Dr., Rocky River) If you’re not really the baking type, Fetch has a wide array of tasty treats to buy for your dog for Valentine’s Day. The boutique also has cute dog gifts and accessories if you really feel like spoiling your pooch.

3. Vanilla Mint Kisses at Grateful Dog Bakery – You can stop by their store in North Ridgeville (31966 Center Ridge Rd, North Ridgeville) for a wide variety of treats or order these vanilla mint kisses online.

4. Heart Pet ID tag – A stylish and practical way to keep your pet safe, these pet ID tags can be ordered at here.

5. DIY Valentine’s Dog Bows – I’m not the craftiest of people, but this doggie bow DIY looks fairly easy. Maybe you can even make one for your dog in time for Valentine’s. See the tutorial here.

Check out all my Valentine’s ideas on my Pinterest page.

How will you be celebrating Valentine’s Day with your dog?