Inside The Barkley Pet Hotel

Planning a fabulous vacation for yourself but can’t bring your dog along? You may want to send him off to The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa for a vacation of his own. This “pet hotel” located in Orange markets itself as a luxury hotel for dogs and offers upscale accommodations plus many unique activities designed to keep your dog entertained and distracted from missing you while you’re away.

I recently took a tour of the 15,000 square foot facility led by Jessi Buehman, Customer Service Manager at The Barkley. Although I was impressed with their accomodations, what mostly set it apart from other boarding facilities for me is their level of customization and the unique activities they can offer dogs staying there. Depending on your dog’s personality and your budget, you can give him a fairly typical boarding experience with just a few exercise breaks or you can add on any number of activities to enhance your dog’s time away from home.

The hotel offers four different boarding options for pets – leisure suites, serenity suites, executive poolside suites and parkside suites. In addition to dog boarding, cats can stay at the Barkley in their “Kittie City” accommodations.

The leisure and serenity suites are comparable to what most other boarding places offer, although a little fancier and the serenity suites cater specifically to smaller dogs. The poolside suites offer exactly what you’d think – rooms facing a small pool, but they also offer window views for most of the rooms and larger accommodations so it’s a good option if you have multiple dogs to board or your dog would enjoy a window view. They also have a room known as the “Director’s Suite” a large room near the poolside suites, which has leather furniture, a TV and a prime window view of the lobby.

The Director's Suite
The Director’s Suite

The Parkside suites offer rooms in a park-like setting, with a trickling water fountain in the middle for the soothing sounds of water. Rooms in the poolside and parkside area also have TVs (you don’t want your dog to miss out on his favorite show!) and webcams so that you can keep an eye on your dog.

You can also purchase “add ons” to make your dog’s experience more exciting. One nice add on – since The Barkley is also a doggie day camp – is that boarders can take advantage of the day camp to get extra outside playtime. Possible other add ons include: personal play/cuddle time, bedtime biscuits, room service for a “Barkley steak,” ice cream socials, swimming, bedtime stories/tummy rubs, among others. You can even can purchase an add on for a trip to McDonald’s for your dog and select what item off the menu can be ordered for him. Buehman said they are also looking to add on some new activities, considering arts and crafts and sno-cones for the dogs.

All dogs get three exercise breaks and continuous water, as well as comfy bedding. When you drop your dog off you fill out a detailed profile of his or her personality, including likes/dislikes, behaviors, medical history and special needs. If there are special details for the staff to know about your dog, they make a note of it on a board outside of his room. So if your dog is food aggressive, doesn’t get along with other dogs or has allergies or other issues, they will be careful to accommodate his or her needs.

In addition to being a boarding facility, the Barkley has a grooming salon for dogs. The full service grooming salon offers many unique services such as hair coloring and nail painting, otherwise known as “pawdicures.”  They also offer other luxury spa services such as “mud masks” and their “Celebrity Package” which includes teeth brushing, a pawdicure, mud mask, facial and head massage. What dog wouldn’t love a mud mask followed by a head massage?

The dog in the middle looks pretty excited about getting her nails done, doesn’t she?

One other cool feature they offer is photographs of your dog on their red carpet, because who doesn’t think their dog deserves celebrity treatment?


Each day the front desk is responsible for taking three pictures of each boarding dog to send to the owners. Pretty cool feature for owners missing their furry friends!

What do you think? Would your dog enjoy the VIP treatment of a place like this?

* All photos copyright 2014 The Barkley

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Hunter’s Day at the Spa

I recently read an article that said one of the things consumers continued to spend money on during the recession was their pets. At the upscale Cleveland pet resort, The Barkley Pet Hotel & Day Spa, owners said that business actually went up during the recession.

I guess I can understand that. It’s easier to cut back on things for yourself, than deny your loyal canine friend. What do they know about tough times? Lucky for us Clevelanders, there are a lot of great local places where you can pamper your pet. I recently made an appointment at a luxury spa for dogs, Fetch Pet Boutique + Spa in Rocky River. Fetch specializes in pampering pets, offering facials and “pawidicures” for dogs, along with other grooming services. I was intrigued by their “Blueberry Facial.” Forget that I haven’t gotten a facial for myself in years, Hunter had to have one!

I scheduled Hunter for the “Aromatherapy Spa Treatment” a green tea and mint aromatherapy bubble bath and blueberry facial. The bath is followed by a dead sea mineral mud bath treatment, which is right up Hunter’s alley because he LOVES mud.

The Before: Excited about being pampered!
Getting his blueberry facial, but still has time to pose.


Basking in the cleanliness
The After: Looking handsome and rested – and smelling great!

Not all dogs may love being groomed, but Hunter really loved this spa day. One really great thing about Fetch is that they only schedule one dog at a time, so there’s no waiting around in cages while other dogs are groomed – a true luxury experience for any dog.

Fetch also carries a unique line of eco-friendly pet products and cute pet treats and outfits. And you can feel especially good about spoiling your pooch, since the Boutique donates proceeds each month to different animal welfare charities. This month the money is going to PAWS – Performing Animal Welfare Society. You can find out more information about them on their Facebook page.

Think your dog deserves a spa day? Fetch is offering a special offer for Dogs in the CLE readers. Mention this blog for a free teeth brushing or blueberry facial with any groom. Visit for more information.

Fetch Pet Boutique + Spa