Holiday Gift Guide: Best picks from local retailers

There is nothing wrong with being that crazy dog mom who buys gifts for her dog. I will always say that, especially because I love buying and receiving gifts! And, compiling gift guides. It’s my way of continuing my love of making Christmas lists way beyond the age when anyone wants me to.

And since we have so many great options to buy local for dog gifts, I wanted to share some of my favorite items from local stores. Whether you like to dress your dog up or spoil him, or if you’re looking for gifts for the dog lovers in your life, local pet retailers have you covered.

Check out my favorite picks from some local shops:

Moose and Lulu’s

Moose and Lulu’s, a new online retailer has a wide range of cute dog clothes and Cleveland-themed dog lover apparel. They also sell delicious treats to spoil your dog with this holiday season.  You can use my code HunterRoscoe15 for 15% off!

Untitled design (2)

Personalized Dog Bed::

Paw Print Leggings:

Dog Mom hat:

Buffalo Plaid Bow Tie:


Best Picks from Milo and Me

My other favorite Cleveland store, Milo and Me, has great options not only for the dog in your life, but also for any fashionable friends. Here are some of my favorites:




Dog Friendship collar/matching bracelet:

Doggie pouch:

Stylish waste bag dispenser:

Cute dog vest:

“Burberry” sweater:

Personalized dog bandannas:

Browns bandanna:

You can order online, but it’s worth a visit to the store since you can bring your dog to shop with you. Plus the owner, Jessica, often has fun events, so check her out on Facebook:

Three Dog Bakery

You also can’t pass up visiting Three Dog Bakery this holiday season to get some delicious treats for your dog to join in the decadency of the season. They will be hosting a Black Friday open house, so go check them out with your dog!

Canine Country Club and Modern Dog Massage

Gift cards for a doggie massage make a great gift as well. On Black Friday, Canine Country Club will be offering 50% off gift cards for massage services provide by Modern Dog Massage at their facility. Find out more here:

You can also buy your dog a present by scheduling some time for him or her to swim or use the activity room at the Club. Read more about Hunter’s experience checking out swimming at the Club:

And one bonus non-local item that Clevelanders will still love. Check out this cute Christmas Story bandanna from Hella Cool Dog::// 



Happy shopping!

The Official 2017 Dog Lover’s Gift Guide

As a kid I loved to make Christmas lists. As an adult, for some reason, this is not as encouraged.  I do, however, still get to partake in my love of Christmas lists by creating one for my dogs every year. There are so many cool dog things and Christmas is a great time to go all out spoiling your dog. Who cares if they don’t know it’s Christmas? They will look so cute in their new sweater, or love playing with their new toy!

So without further ado, here is my roundup of the best gifts for your dog and the best gifts for the dog lover in your life (or yourself, I don’t judge).

Gifts for your dog
1 (3)1. Dog Pajamas

I am not ashamed to admit that quite a few people tagged me in a post about these dog pajamas on Facebook. I have been wanting to Roscoe a pair of pajamas for years, so maybe it’s time to go all out and get us all a matching pair.

2. Barker bag

This sleeping bag is for the dog lover who loves to take their dog camping with them. This looks so cozy and convenient I may just take up camping so I can get one. What dog wouldn’t love to be snuggled up with his pawrents under the stars?

3. Luxury dog bed

If your dogs are anything like mine, they love the luxurious life. From the bed to the couch is how they travel. This dog bed looks like just what they need to finally get them to stop hogging my bed every night. Maybe. Or, just give them another option for their second afternoon nap.

4. Enrichment feeders

Hunter has used enrichment feeders for all of his meals for years and just in the last few months I’ve finally gotten Roscoe to use an Omega ball! Enrichment feeders are a great way to give your dog some activity while they eat. Our favorites are the Omega ball and the Busy Buddy twist and feed, but I am thinking of gifting them both with the Odin this year.  Looks a little more advanced than their current toys.

5. Warning dog leashes

These dog leashes are such a great idea if you have a dog that doesn’t do well being approached by other dogs or people. I’ve heard about using a yellow leash to indicate you have a dog that shouldn’t be approached, but since most people aren’t in the know about what certain colors mean, these leashes that explicitly say “friendly” or “nervous” or “no dogs” are such a great idea. This is one gift that your shy or dog reactive dog will definitely appreciate!

6. Friendship Collar

As you did with your childhood bestie, there’s no better way to celebrate your friendship then with matching accessories! For your current best friend (your dog), the friendship necklace has been replaced with a friendship collar. With the friendship collar, you get a matching bracelet for yourself to match your dog’s collar.

Gifts for the dog lover in your life


1.Car seat covers from 4Knines

I was recently sent this car seat cover* from 4Knines and I really love it. I’ve used other covers before that never stay in place (especially when you have a dog that likes to dig and tries to move anything that covers a seat), which is frustrating when you’re trying to protect your car from muddy paws or excessive fur. This seat cover actually stays in place and is large enough that is protects your whole back seat area, even the floor.

2. Pet Cube

I have been going back and forth about whether I really want a camera to watch my dogs. Although it is a nice idea to be able to check in on your dog while you’re away, I am always worried it will just make me sad as I see them moping around and sleeping (or barking) all day. However, I have decided that a Pet Cube is a great gift for the worry-prone dog lover (me), as it’s a great way to check in with your dog throughout the day to make sure everything is ok at home. You can also interact with them through the camera and get notifications about activity in the house through the app.

3. Personalized dog mug 

Someone posted this mug in a dog group I follow and thought it was so cute. Who wouldn’t want a reminder of their dog every day with their morning coffee at work?

4. Paw print necklace

Rather than just a generic paw print, you can get a personalized necklace with your dog’s own paw print. Such a sweet idea to always carry a piece of your dog with you.

5. Custom wine glass

Dogs and wine are my two favorite things in the world, so of course I would love a wine glass you could customize with your dog’s photo!

6. Dog travel shower

This seems like such a great idea. I often leave towels in my car, but there’s no great way to clean off a muddy dog’s paw. This travel shower seems like a really convenient way to quickly rinse off your dog’s paws before going in the car. If you really plan ahead you could add some dog shampoo and give them a more thorough cleaning on the go. This is a great gift for the active dog owner!

What are you buying your dog this year?

*I received the dog seat covers for free from 4Knines but the opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own.