CLE Adoptable Canine of the Week!

Meet Missy!

aae07bab-3f22-45e7-98d5-36559745e8b1Breed: Shiba Inu mix
Gender:  Female
Age: 7 years old

From Rescue Village: Missy is very smart and rarely barks. Her favorite activity is going on a walk and demonstrating her excellent leash manners. Around the house she likes to cuddle up to you as you read or watch tv. She is a very relaxed dog who is great with adults, kids, and other dogs. For more information about Missy, contact her consultant Rachael at (440) 773-0270 or


Favorite Dogs on Instagram

I have a problem. I love to take pictures of my dog. I mean I really love it. I just think he is the cutest thing in the world and I want to capture his every face, pose and moment with my camera. Thank goodness for Instagram. It’s exposed me to a whole world of people like me who love taking photos of their dog. No where else can see you see as many cute dogs from all over the world all in one place.

From dogs dressed up to dogs playing hide and seek, Instagram has it all.  If you’re new to Instagram or looking for some new dogs to follow, here are some of my favorites.

Most Creative:

Andrew Knapp

Andrew takes photos of his border collie, Momo, hidden in different scenes, mainly around his native home of Sudbury, Ontario. Not only is Momo a beautiful dog, Andrew’s photos are beautifully shot. You don’t have to love dogs to appreciate his photos.


Best Local


The photos are as good as the captions. I love the distinctive voice Maybel has. I can just hear her funny little voice saying every caption.  Even better, she’s one of Cleveland’s own!


Best breed-specific

r_ose (Pomeranian) 

If you’re a pom lover like me, you have to follow r_ose. She takes photos of her 19 dogs – mainly Pomeranians, but a few Chihuahuas and a husky are thrown in there as well.


Corgnelius (Corgi)

Corgis are my second favorite breed of dogs after poms, so I follow quite a few corgi accounts. Corgnelius is one of my favorites. I love seeing photos of Corgnelius and his brother, Stumphery, two of the silliest dogs around.


Best Cause-Related

Blind Dog Jack

Also one of my other favorite pom Instagram accounts, Blind Dog Jack is a former puppy mill dog who is blind and a cancer survivor.  In between photos of him being cute, he advocates for an end to puppy mills. A dog with a cause – I love it!



What are some of your favorite dogs? Who else should I be following?

And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at dogsinthecle!

CLE Canine of the Week: Shelter Dog Edition

Meet Chica!


Age: 3

Breed: Terrier, American Pit Bull/Siberian Husky

Gender: Female

From Rescue Village: Chica was left with Rescue Village after her owner surrendered her. Because of her painful past, she gets anxious when left alone. She is a very sweet girl that will blossom with the right family she can trust.


For more information on Chica, contact Rescue Village at (440) 338 – 4819 x 43 or  

To close out Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, I’ll be sharing reader’s shelter dogs on the blog next week. To be included in the blog, send me a picture ( of your shelter/rescue dog with a short story about how he/she came into your life.

Adopt a Shelter Dog Month Facts & CLE Canine of the Week!

In honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month this month I’ve been sharing stories about shelter dogs. I recently came across some facts about shelter dogs that I wanted to share. The Bark Post posted an article recently – 13 Mind Blowing Facts About Shelter Dogs that is worth a read:

Here are a few of the most interesting facts:

  • 20-30% of dogs in shelters are purebred
  • It costs taxpayers roughly 2 billion dollars a year to round up, shelter and euthanize homeless animals.
  • The average age of animals entering shelters is 18 months
  • Many of the adult dogs have already been trained (much less work than a puppy)
  • A whopping 90% of animals entering the shelter system are healthy and ready-to-adopt

Makes it hard for those who want a certain breed or want a young dog say they can’t adopt a rescue dog right?

Speaking of shelter dogs, here’s a wonderful one looking for a home: Meet Stewie, the CLE Canine of the Week!


Stewie is a Chihuahua-mix that is currently with Berea Animal Rescue, who has this to say about him:  I’m sweet, and super smart, and around 6 years young – but that means I am past those pesky puppy behaviors. I am a calm boy who loves company of people. Now I just need to find a home where I can feel safe and loved! It would be so great to have a home of my very own where I can cuddle on the couch – or a soft dog bed. I just love to go for walks and hang out with people.

For more information on Stewie, contact his adoption consultant, Lynda at (216)990-6967 or

For more great shelter dog stories, visit The Shelter Pet Project:

Dogs of Summer

If there’s one thing Cleveland dogs know how to do, it’s enjoy the summer. I recently shared some of my favorite dog photos from the summer and asked for you all to send me some of your favorites. I got so many good ones I thought I’d share with you on the blog.

Can you tell I’m not ready for the summer to end?

Don’t forget to check out the calendar to see what’s going on this month for you and your dog to get out and enjoy the last few weeks of summer weather. This weekend is the Pet Expo and the Love-A-Stray Dog Swim in Avon.

CLE Adoptable Canine of the Week!

Meet Yosemite Sam!

SamSHM_body_MARTHAAge: Two and a half years old

Breed: Mixed

Gender: Male

From his foster: He loves to play/wrestle with one of my other dogs.  I have not found a human that Sam does not enjoy snuggling with.  Sam walks nicely on a leash and knows his commands.  He loves to be active, he walks with my pack every day and when the weather is not cooperating, Sam is able to run on the treadmill. I have taken Sam to the dog park to interact and he has done a very good job. Sam is content curling up in bed right against me and sleeping through the night.  Read more about Yosemite Sam here:

Email if you’re interested in meeting Yosemite Sam!

Check out for more adoptable dogs!

Weekend roundup + Exciting News!

So first the exciting news – I’ve started fostering an adorable pom named Vinnie! I’d been thinking about fostering for a long time and it was my talk with dog-fosterer Kara (for the blog  – So you want to be a dog foster) as well as Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue’s desperate need for fosters, that persuaded me to give it a try. 

Vinnie arrived last Wednesday and has been adjusting to his new temporary home like a pro. He was rescued from a shelter by Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue. When they got him he was severely overweight, but he has dropped over 10 lbs and is doing great now. He’s between 8-10 years old and a really awesome dog. I am so excited to have him and can’t wait to find him the perfect home! Whoever gets this sweet guy is going to be very lucky.

So far Hunter and him get along great. Hunter loves dogs and Vinnie seems to be comfortable around him, although not really interested. Hunter can be a little pushy and high energy, but Vinnie stands his ground and doesn’t let Hunter push him around. Hunter seems to be aware of this and gives Vinnie his space, which is interesting because he doesn’t normally do that. I’ve had other dogs stay for short periods of time that aren’t interested in playing, and Hunter is always trying to get them to play. For some reason he doesn’t really do this with Vinnie. They are very respectable of each other’s space and it’s not been an issue at all with them getting along.

It was a good weekend for my first weekend with Vinnie. We took a long walk Saturday afternoon (he is a really great walker, I’m hoping it rubs off on Hunter) and then hit up Heck’s in Ohio City for some patio time. Vinnie was great on the patio and, of course, everyone loved Hunter and him.

Sunday we hit up Around the Corner for a dog friendly brunch benefitting the Lakewood Animal Shelter. Around the Corner is not normally dog friendly, so it was nice of them to allow the dogs on their large patio for the special event. It was an especially fun event because there was a lot of poms there! Vinnie and Hunter felt right at home.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Weekends like these are why I love summer in Cleveland! It’s great to get out and spend some time with your dog(s) on patios and at brunch after a busy week.

If you’d like more information on Vinnie, visit:

**I’d love for someone in the Cleveland area to adopt him so I can see him!**

CLE Canine of the Week!

 Meet Argo!


Full name: Argo Agustiady

Breed: Yorkie

Age:  2

Hobbies:  Argo has the energy of a two year old but can also be quite the cuddle monkey. He loves his baby brother (Arie – the real baby) and protects him with his life. Argo can run miles and enjoys his days in the sun and being with mom and dad.  Argo can do tricks such as roll over, paw, stay, etc.


Have a dog you want featured here? Email me at with photos and a bio.

Puppypalooza 2014

It may have been a hot one last night, but that didn’t stop dogs from all over the city from coming out to see the Indians take on the Angels at the annual Puppypalooza game. The puppypalooza tickets were sold out, so there were a lot of dogs – large and small – in attendance.

As it turned out, Hunter is not as big of a baseball fan as I hoped he would be. There was a little too much activity, and noise, for Hunter’s tastes. We still had fun though seeing all of the dogs at the game, and cooling off in the doggie pools. The pools were probably Hunter’s favorite part.

Here are some photos from the event:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hunter relaxed a little as it cooled off, but I’m not sure it’s something I’d do with him again. If you have a dog that is ok with loud noises, this is a really fun event and a great way to get out and spend some time with your dog.

Luckily we got out right before it started raining. And since they ended up losing, we didn’t miss much.

Did you go to the game? I’d love to see your photos! Share them on the Facebook page –  or on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #dogsinthecle (We’re on Instagram as HunterintheCLE)

Thanks to my friend Annie (the official-unofficial Dogs in the CLE photographer) for taking most of these pics, since my camera died, and  more importantly, because she has a better camera.