Trick of the Month: Roll Out the Carpet

It’s time for the Trick of the Month from Robin at Fortunate Fido! This is a trick that both dogs and people think is super-fun. Roll out the Carpet! Place a line of treats down the center of a yoga mat or throw rug or thick towel.  Roll it up and ask your dog to … Continue reading “Trick of the Month: Roll Out the Carpet”

Trick of the Month: Teach Your Dog Names

This month’s Trick of the Month from Robin at Fortunate Fido is a great winter activity to do with the whole family when you are stuck indoors. Read on to teach your dog a new trick! Here is a super fun trick to help you beat the winter blahs.  Teach your dog his family members’ names! … Continue reading “Trick of the Month: Teach Your Dog Names”

Trick of the Month: Roll Over

  It’s time for this month’s new trick! This month we learn from Robin how to teach your dog to roll over. It’s trick time! This month, we’re going to try an old stand-by:  Roll over **If your dog has any mobility issues, or is elderly, be careful with this trick.  It might not be … Continue reading “Trick of the Month: Roll Over”

Trick of the Month: Take a Bow

Now that it’s getting colder and it’s dark at 5:30, it’s time to start thinking of some indoor activities you can do with your dog. One great activity to do with your dog while stuck indoors is working on training and learning tricks. Last month I introduced the new “Trick of the Month” series with an easy one, … Continue reading “Trick of the Month: Take a Bow”

Trick of the Month: Shake Paw

Time for our new blog series – Trick of the Month! This month’s trick is courtesy of Robin Murray, a trainer at Fortunate Fido. It’s trick time! Every dog should know a few tricks. Sure, it’s fun to impress people at your dinner parties, but teaching new behaviors helps build your relationship and keep your … Continue reading “Trick of the Month: Shake Paw”

10 Indoor Dog Activities

As a dog owner you have to get pretty creative during the winter months to keep your dog entertained. Although my dog wouldn’t mind being outside for hours at a time whether it’s four degrees or four feet of snow, I really don’t want to be.  Over the last few years I’ve tried a lot of different activities to keep my … Continue reading “10 Indoor Dog Activities”

Hunter’s New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year which means it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions! Hunter and I came up with a list of things (I bet you can guess which ones are mine) we want to accomplish this year. We’ve got some big goals, so I can’t wait to jump right in and get started! 1. Finish best dog hikes in … Continue reading “Hunter’s New Year’s Resolutions”

2018 Halloween events for Cleveland dog lovers

October is one of the best months for dog lovers in Cleveland.  There are costume contests, Halloween and fall-themed photos and yappy hour parties spread all throughout the month. For those of us who love seeing dogs dressed up in costume (and who doesn’t really?) this is going to be a fun month. Here is … Continue reading “2018 Halloween events for Cleveland dog lovers”

2018 Edition – 50 Things To Do With Your Dog in NE Ohio

2018 marks the fifth year of this list! Woohoo! Even though it’s always a monster to complete, I have so much fun compiling the list every year. I love to see all the new events and dog-friendly places that are added, as well as the events that the dog community continues to support each year. Since I started this … Continue reading “2018 Edition – 50 Things To Do With Your Dog in NE Ohio”

CLE Dog-Friendly Halloween Parties

For those of us who loves dogs in costumes (and really, who doesn’t?), Halloween is one of the best times of year. There will be so many chances this October to dress up your dog and go to a dog-friendly party. From parades and 5Ks to costume contests at breweries, it’s going to be a … Continue reading “CLE Dog-Friendly Halloween Parties”