Happy Fall!

During the summer, it’s all about the lake and in the fall it’s all about the Metroparks. Hunter, Roscoe and I love visiting the Metroparks and Cuyahoga Valley National Park for walks when the weather cools off and the leaves start changing colors. A couple years ago I found a list of some of the best dog-friendly trails and made it my goal to go to as many of them as possible. At this point I’ve been to most of them and discovered so many other great ones.

Now I have my own list of favorite dog-friendly trails, which you can check out in this month’s issue of CLE Dog Magazine: https://simplebooklet.com/publish.php?wpKey=n9QrxhQpCw0mtU2WC0QX3L#page=14

And now I have a new favorite spot to add to my list: Rocky River Reservation South, Berea Falls! I have been exploring all of the different spots of Rocky Reservation and drove a little further south on Valley Parkway last weekend. I discovered this beautiful spot and walked around some waterfalls with Hunter and Roscoe.


Such a great spot to visit in the fall. What are some of your favorite trails to visit?


Author: dogsinthecle

The source for what to do with your dog in Cleveland.

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