The Horrible Hundred 2017

Every year I share this list from the Humane Society of the Horrible 100, the worst of the worst of puppy mills in the U.S., in the hopes that maybe I can educate one more person about why no one should ever buy a puppy from a pet store. I truly believe that there are still a lot of people who do not know the horrors of the life of a puppy mill dog and that buying a pet from a pet store keeps these mills in business. And sadly, in Ohio we really need to be educated because many of the worst offenders are in our own backyard. After Missouri, Ohio is one of the states with the most puppy mills on this list.

As long as dogs are being bred purely for profit with little to no regulation, we cannot as a society support the sale of dogs online or at pet stores. We have more than enough reputable breeders in this country, not to mention the millions of dogs waiting at shelters, to make it unnecessary for anyone to ever need to go to a pet store to buy a dog.

If you have doubts about the seriousness of this issue, please review this list and look at the pictures of dogs rescued from these places. The group I volunteer with, Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue, took in a puppy mill dog last year that ended up dying from a serious health issue that the mill ignored until it was too late. This happens all to frequently as you can ask anyone who works in the rescue world.


Dogs deserve better and we have to be their voice.

Dogs were found chewing holes in the walls large enough to stick their heads through during a July 2016 inspection at Ryan Handly’s facility (WI Dept of Ag / July 2016). Credit WI Dept of Agriculture
Linda Lynch was found operating an unlicensed facility in Texas. Inspectors found dogs in tiny cages, piled up and surrounded by clutter. It appeared the dogs barely had enough room to turn around. The facility is now state licensed. (Texas Dept of Licensing and Regulation / November 2016). Credit TX Department of Licensing

Here are the worst puppy mills in Ohio. You can see the full list here:

Debra S. Baird, Salem, Ohio

Warned about sale of underage puppies; repeatedly failed to have records of medical exams on dogs and puppies.

Nathan & Sara Bazler, Little Puppies Online, LLC, Mount Vernon, Ohio

Puppies found in cramped, undersized cages; dealer bought puppies from unlicensed breeders.

Marvin Burkholder, Berlin Kennel, Millersburg, Ohio (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Received official warning from USDA in June 2016 for repeat veterinary issues.

Gregory Fidoe, Canfield, Ohio

Sold underage puppies and repeatedly failed to get veterinary exams as required, per state records.

Emanuel D. Keim, Baltic, Ohio

Dogs found with hair loss and skin conditions.

Sam Mast, Fresno, Ohio

Sale of underage puppies; no vet records on dogs; unsafe and unsanitary conditions.

James A. Miller, Millersburg, Ohio (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Matted dogs kept in rusty cages; dirty conditions.

John J. Nisley, Loudonville, Ohio (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Dog found with sores on ears and head; prior violations for injured and lethargic dogs.

Daniel Schlabach/Evergreen Designer LLC, Charm, Ohio (REPEAT OFFENDER)

Fire in pole barn filled with “hundreds of dogs” killed an undisclosed number of animals.

Marvin Schmucker/ Ervin Schmucker, Sugarcreek, Ohio

Repeated veterinary care deficiencies; bichon had skin lesions around her neck and on leg.

Leroy Weaver, Walhonding, Ohio

Dead puppies found decomposing in yard; severely matted dogs.

Abe R. Yoder, Millersburg, Ohio

Unsafe flooring not corrected until seven months later and multiple re-inspections; bichon with eye issue had not received surgery as directed by veterinarian.


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