New Dating App for Cleveland Dog Lovers

I think most single dog lovers have tried to use their dog to pick up someone, or at least hoped that their dog might spark a conversation with someone they want to date. Because let’s face it, a true dog lover has to involve their dog in the dating process. Not only are they your best friend, but if a potential partner doesn’t like your dog, it’s never going to work.

That’s why it seems so perfect to have a dating app that brings your dog into the love match. And good news for Cleveland dog lovers – a new dating app will be launching here soon to do this very thing! Fetch dating app, launching this summer, takes a new approach to meeting people via app and avoiding those awkward “Hi, how are you?” introductions. The app will encourage members to build profiles that include info on their dogs to hopefully spark a more interesting conversation and make a connection based on a mutual love for dogs.

Photo courtesy of Fetch dating app –

I checked in with the developer of the app, Elisabeth Smith, to get the lowdown on the app before it launches. You can visit the website now to be added to their email list and find out when it launches. They will also be hosting some meetups this summer, so keep your eye on their website and Facebook pages.

HOW DOES YOUR DOG PLAY INTO FINDING A MATCH? Think about the interactions you have with people when your dog is involved. Having a dog is a great way to meet people in the real world – when you’re at the dog park, on a walk around the neighborhood, at a festival, you tend to have warmer and more open conversations. I’m trying to recreate the same experience digitally. My hope is to design the app so you share information about yourself at least partially within the context of your relationship with your pup. For instance, what’s the greatest adventure you and your pup have taken? Where did you get the idea for your pup’s name? Tell your favorite story of your pup.

These are just examples of the type of information I would like to encourage users to share.

WHERE DID YOU GET THIS IDEA FROM? I have always been a dog lover. I have a pup of my own named Dexter who does everything with me. Last summer, I worked at Purina and did a lot of research on the humanization of the pet industry. We treat our pups differently than in the past. They are more than just animals, they are our four-legged members of the family! I’m also single and have tried a couple of the dating apps. I find it really difficult to have meaningful conversations with people when the opening line is “Hey, how is your night?” I sort of just thought one day, what if you could connect over something a lot more interesting and important? And that’s when I came to the idea of connecting over something as important as our pups, who play such a big role in our lives.

Photo courtesy of Fetch dating app -
Photo courtesy of Fetch dating app –

WHY LAUNCH IN CLEVELAND? I am originally from the Cincinnati area of Ohio, but came up to Cleveland about 10 years ago to do my undergrad at Case. I fell in love with the city and am so happy to call it my home now. I love the revitalization that is occurring in Cleveland and I am thrilled to be launching my app here!

WILL IT GO TO OTHER CITIES? Absolutely! I want to use Cleveland as the launching ground, learn about what people do and don’t like, and launch in other markets.

WHAT IS THE COST? This piece hasn’t been finalized yet, however, it will be in line with the other apps on the market.


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