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Did you know Cleveland has a dog-friendly bootcamp? I’ve mentioned it before, but I still think it’s a relatively hidden gem for Cleveland dog owners. Thank Dog NEO bootcamp is such a fun way to get some exercise for yourself without leaving your dog at home. And the workouts are done in a park, so it’s a great way to spend in an evening outdoors doing something good for yourself and your dog!

Hunter, Roscoe and I just went back to bootcamp last night. We’ve been doing it for three summers now and we love it! Since we don’t get to it as regularly as I’d like (due to its distance from me and it being too hot lately for Hunter to exercise outdoors) it’ll take a bit of time to get Hunter back in the swing of things. He was a little uncooperative last night. The great thing about the bootcamp though, is that it’s all about doing things at your own pace. I bring Roscoe too and he handles it well. Since there is no interaction between the dogs in the bootcamp it can also be good for fearful dogs as well. The owner of the camp, Heidi, really lets you handle your dog the best way you see fit, so there’s no pressure to push your dog to do things he or she may not be comfortable with.

I’ve seen all sorts of dogs do it over the years – unfocused ones like Hunter, well-trained ones and hyper, somewhat aggressive dogs. Since the bootcamp does not allow dog socialization and instead encourages you to focus on keeping your dog under control, it is good for all types of dogs. Heidi meets with everyone who signs up before the first class to assess the dogs and go over what will be expected of your dog in the class.

Roscoe getting his workout on

We only do the bootcamp during the summer months, but it’s held all year long. During the summer, the camp is held on Wednesdays at Chagrin River Park in Willoughby, Thursdays at South Chagrin Reservation and Saturday and Sunday mornings at Beachwood Park. Although it’s a far drive for me, it’s totally worth it because it gives me a chance to check out some parks we don’t regularly go to. Since going to this bootcamp, South Chagrin has become one of my favorite parks in Cleveland. You can find more information on pricing and locations here:

Since I started going to the camp I have been hoping for a west side location and one finally opened this month! Unfortunately it’s a little too far west for me, in Lorain County. Classes will be held in Elryia at Black River Reservation on Thursdays at 6 and Grace Sprenger Memorial Park in Amherst on Saturdays at 9 am. Check out Thank Dog Fit for more information here:

To make it even easier for you to try out, there is a Groupon right now for the east side bootcamp. You can get five classes for $41 or 10 classes for $62. A great deal!

Read more about my experience with the camp here:

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