Fun Dog Classes

Although we have been very, very lucky this winter as far as the temperatures go, I think we are all ready for it to be over. What makes this time of year especially hard for me, is trying to come up with activities for my dogs when Hunter is sick of all of his toys and we’ve already played all the same games a hundred times . I am ready to get out of hibernation mode!

If you are running out of ideas for things to do with your dog, it may be time to check out what classes local training places offer. From nose work to agility to training your dog to be a Canine Good Citizen, there are many options to get your dog some activity this winter.

Nose Work

Roscoe and I did a nose work class last year and really enjoyed it. Nose work is a great activity for any dog, even fearful and shy ones like Roscoe. There are many different ways to do nose work and several Cleveland area trainers offer group classes to do with your dog.

On March 19, All Dogs Go to Kevin in Stow will be holding a nose work class. The cost for the class is $120 and it lasts five weeks. There are still spaces available: (scroll down to see more info on the nose work classes).

Roscoe doing nose work!


Canine Affair in Chesterland also offers nose work classes. I don’t see any scheduled now, but check our their site for more info:


Fortunate Fido will holding a Mind Games class starting on March 4. The fun class will focus on giving you ideas for games you can play at home with your dog, including the muffin tin game, nesting cups, musical sits/downs, and many more ideas. Find out more here:

Fortunate Fido is also offering a Toy Making class, for humans only, where you can make Flirt Poles and Snuffle Mats. I’d heard of a flirt pole, but not a snuffle mat… It looks pretty cool though:

Find out more about that class here:

Canine Good Citizen

Another fun option to keep your dog busy this winter is to begin Canine Go1346203918od Citizen training with your dog. Several area trainers offer classes to get your dog his Canine Good Citizen certification, which is the first step in becoming a therapy dog, but also important training for any dog. Hunter and I did this a few years ago and he unfortunately, didn’t pass. In order for a dog to pass the training he has to pass 10 different tests, things such as remaining calm around another dog, remaining calm when you leave the room for an extended amount of time and loose leash walking. Hunter did not pass the loose leash walking and the remaining calm when I left the room tests, not surprisingly. This was three years ago though, so I think we may try again this year.


Check out these local trainers for CGC classes and certification:

The Dog Class:
North Coast Dogs:
Elite K911:
Anything’s Possible:

Any other fun classes I am missing? Let me know in the hcomments!


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