Cleveland-Area Dog Meetup Groups

As you may have guessed from my numerous Facebook posts, corgis are one of my favorites breeds. Every time I see a corgi I am just instantly happy. Those short stubby legs and big pointy ears never fail to bring a smile to my face.

So when I saw there was a new Northeast Ohio Corgi Meetup Group, I weirdly joined like the corgi stalker I am and attended their first meetup this past weekend. I was planning to tell people that Hunter is a Pomercorgian (I think he kinda looks like a corgi), but I didn’t need to since everyone was very nice and welcoming (and the park was open to all dogs too).

I was so excited to pet a bunch of corgis and have Hunter run around and play with them that I made the trek all the way down to the Wadsworth Dog Park. There were corgis everywhere!



Hunter fit right in with the corgis and had a blast. There were contests, races and photos. It seemed like all the corgis had a blast. And despite one of them running up to me and biting me on the nose, my love for corgis is stronger than ever.

Side note – if you live anywhere near the Wadsworth Dog Park you have to go check it out! I was so impressed with how big the park was. The small dog area is huge! I had trouble keeping track of Hunter, especially when he jumped up on a bench with a family sitting with their dog and hung out like he’d just found his new family.

If you are looking for a dog meetup group for your dog, here are some other area groups:

Husky/Malamute group
Northeast Ohio Dachshund Picnic
Cleveland Italian Greyhound Meetup

And, I started a Pomeranian meetup group this year! Although I had a blast at the corgi meetup, I can’t wait to plan my Pomeranian meetup for later this month! Stay tuned pom lovers!

Let me know in the comments if I am missing your meetup group!

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