Dog Friendly Spotlight: Flying Monkey

Hunter is back with another dog friendly spotlight! Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your dog can’t get out and enjoy the bar scene. In this spotlight, Hunter gives you the rundown on a popular Tremont dog-friendly bar – The Flying Monkey!

If it was up to me, I’d be ok lounging on a patio all year round. My people (Pomeranians) come from hearty stock, a little cold and snow never hurt us. Apparently though, my mom doesn’t really love the cold (I can tell based on how she gets annoyed at my stopping at every house to roll in the snow on our walks) so she’s not into sitting on patios in the cold. But since she does love taking me out, sometimes we check out Cleveland’s indoor dog-friendly bar scene during the winter.

We stopped by the Flying Monkey in Tremont to check out their dog-friendly scene. Flying Monkey is a pretty popular Tremont bar and my mom said she almost always sees a dog there when she goes.



We got there a little later than I like to be out on a Saturday (I don’t like to go out late, my beauty sleep is too important), so there was a good amount of people there to give me attention. No other dogs though (boo). The bad thing though was that it was kind of loud. I didn’t really enjoy the noise.

The people were really cool though. We ended up with a seat outside the bathroom, so of course everyone had to stop and say hi. I’m used to getting a lot of attention, so it was cool with me. They also had a water bowl out just for me. How did they know that’s my favorite drink? It got a little warm in there too, so it was nice to have a cold beverage.

Excuse the bad pic, my Mom’s camera doesn’t handle dim lighting well.

Final bark: 3 out of 5. All in all, it was ok for a quick visit, but I’m not so into the Saturday night bar scene. Too loud. If you’re going to go, I recommend going early. I can’t wait for patio season!

The Details:

819 Jefferson Ave., Tremont

Monday – Friday 3pm to 2:30am
Saturday and Sunday 11am to 2:30am

Insider’s Tip – The Flying Monkey has one of the best happy hours in Tremont, going from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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