Happy National Dog Day!

If there’s one thing you’ve probably noticed, it’s that I love dog photos. I love taking them, looking at them and sharing them. I hope that you do too, otherwise I am probably really annoying.

As much I love the photos I take, I really love a professional photo shoot. If you haven’t had a professional photographer takes photos of your dog, let me tell you, you are missing out. Seeing your dogs captured just being themselves in perfectly lit, beautifully shot photos creates memories you will always treasure.

To celebrate National Dog Day, I wanted to share some photos of my favorite guys taken by Brittany Graham, of Boots and Bee Photography. Brittany has taken photos of them before and I loved them so much I asked if we could do an outdoor photo shoot. Brittany does dog “model calls” from time to time, as she also provides photos for Darwin Dogs blog, so keep an eye on her Facebook page for the next chance to get photos taken of your dog.

These photos are also special to me because Roscoe and I just celebrated his one year Adoptaversary on Monday. One year ago I took Roscoe in as a foster for Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue and then quickly realized he was right where he belonged. These photos really capture how far he has come in a year from the scared little guy he was. He is still my shy guy, but he is so much happier and more confident (and snuggly) now than he was!

I also came across this great quote in this article (which you should definitely read) that I thought was perfect for National Dog Day. Pretty much sums up how having a dog in your life just makes everything better.

“Life is hard but it’s like Homer has taught me to use and take everything for the better rather than keep a negative attitude,” Koehl says. “Dogs just have a way of showing you the life you deserve to live.”

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Happy National Dog Day from Hunter, Roscoe and I!

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