Dog Friendly Spotlight: Barrio Tremont

For the latest Dog Friendly Spotlight, Hunter reviews my favorite – Barrio in Tremont!

My mom is always talking about this place called “Barrio.” I was actually starting to worry that she might leave me to go live there, that’s how bad it was. Then one day, she got really excited because she found out that she could take me to Barrio. I guess there are some places I’m not allowed? I don’t really get it.

So anyways, Mom was pretty excited to take me to her “favorite place.” I have to admit, I was pretty impressed when we got there and I saw that we had our own private entrance! I like to make an entrance, you know, make sure that everyone sees me, so this was pretty cool. Right away I could tell everyone was really happy to see me. They even had a water dish all ready for me at the table when we sat down. VIP treatment all the way! Just the way I like it. No wonder Mom loves this place.

Barrio's dog "VIP" entrance next to Press Wine Bar.
Barrio’s dog “VIP” entrance next to Press Wine Bar.


I was just relaxing and enjoying the admiring glances from all my fans around me, when two dawgs sat right next to me. I had to say something, of course, to let them know I was here first. Everyone around me totally understood, but Mom didn’t like it too much, so I let it go.

I got some sniffs in with my dawgs and we relaxed and just hung out. I could smell some really good stuff, but all I got were a couple of treats from Mom. Oh well. Maybe next time.



Final Bark: 5 (out of 5) Dog Biscuits! There’s lots of room to spread out and I got VIP treatment. My kind of place.

The details:

Barrio Tremont
806 Literary Rd.


Mon–Thurs: 4pm–2am
Fri: 11am–2am
Sat + Sun: 11am–2am




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