Old Dog Party – this Sunday!

Puppies have their charm, of course, but it’s the older dogs that really tug at the heart strings.

Every summer the Sanctuary for Senior Dogs hosts an event honoring our grey muzzled-friends. Held at the Oak Grove Pavilion in the Brecksville Reservation, the Summer Scoop, also known as the “Old Dog Party” features games, raffles, food and the main attraction – the Old Dog Olympics, a special agility course paced for old dogs. Dogs can wander through a tunnel, jump some low hurdles and weave through poles. Every dog will get a gold medal no matter how well they perform!




There will also be fun contests awarding the dog with the best summer attire, best in shades, coolest canine couple, coolest dude, coolest gal, human/canine look-alikes, oldest dog, farthest travel, goofiest dog, and most inspirational story. And, of course, since it is the “Summer Scoop” there will be ice cream!


So bring your old (or young, they don’t discriminate) dog and celebrate senior dogs! I am planning on attending with my “old” dog, Roscoe, and maybe my young guy, Hunter too. Admission and parking are free. Find out more here: http://www.sanctuaryforseniordogs.org/id40.htm

Check out other dog friendly events this month here: http://dogsinthecle.com/dog-friendly-events/

Photos courtesy of the Sanctuary for Senior Dogs.

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