The Real Dawg Pound

To be honest with you, I’ve never been a Browns fan. Sorry, guys. I didn’t grow up here so I was never surrounded by the Browns mania that occurs every Sunday. Plus, they lose a lot, which makes to hard to be a fan even when you love Cleveland.

I saw some news earlier this week though that made me give the Browns a second look:

The Browns have adoptable dogs at their training camp! How awesome is that? The Browns caught some flack last year for not choosing a rescue dog for their real life Swagger, but I think this goes a long way in making up for that. And 25 dogs have been adopted! That is just great news all around.


The Northeast Ohio SPCA teamed up with the Browns to bring the dogs to the training camp. Their mobile adoption unit will be at training camp through next week.  Check out the Northeast Ohio SPCA’s Facebook page for pictures of the dogs at training camp.

This great idea gives me hope that someone is finally making good decisions for the Browns!

Photos courtesy of Northeast Ohio SPCA’s Facebook page.



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