CLE is for Dog Lovers!

I love when people email me about their experiences at dog friendly places around Cleveland, but I especially love when it’s someone who lives out of town!

I received this email over the weekend about a visitor’s recent trip to CLE. Although they are former residents, they now reside in NYC. Here’s what they had to say about their dog friendly trip to Cleveland:

We stayed at the Westin downtown and they are AMAZING with dogs. There is no deposit for dogs regardless of number or size. They also sent up a feather down dog bed along with dishes for Alma to use during our stay. They were so accommodating, I often sat in the lobby on one of the couches with Alma reading my book or in the Starbucks in the building and no one had any issues. We also sat out on the patio at the restaurant Urban Farmer and they were good as well. 

For dinner – Greenhouse Tavern on E. 4th was great with Alma. We leave her in a chair next to us so she stays in one place, and they were great with her! 

We also had dinner at Fahrenheit in Tremont – all were wonderful with the dog.



A great brunch at Luxe followed by some chillin’ at Pour on Euclid. They are both AWESOME with dogs. Spread the word – Cleveland loves dogs!


Author: dogsinthecle

The source for what to do with your dog in Cleveland.

3 thoughts on “CLE is for Dog Lovers!”

  1. Glad it went well for this couple, but I think the review was a bit rosy. Compared to NYC, Cleveburg is lacking in dog friendly attitude and lagging in pet-friendly places. I find that in the Midwest it is much the same. Both coasts are much more ahead on doggie issues, NYC is dog ga-ga, and you can take your pooch pretty much anywhere. Yes, even in the stores and you don’t get dirty looks.
    Is Cleveland better than it was regarding dogfriendly places? Surely! But so is the country in general. Is it a leader on doggie/pet issues? No. Look at our record on abuse/neglect, pet friendly shopping and eateries, dog parks…..and for cripe’s sake, why can’t goddards law get passed?


    1. You’re right, the Midwest, in general, is not as pet-friendly as the coasts, but Cleveland is much better than many of its Midwestern neighbors. I used to live in Columbus and I can tell you Cleveland is so much more dog friendly! I totally agree though we have a long way to go as far as true pet-friendliness – ie: how we treat the animals in our community. That part needs some serious improvement.


  2. Nowhere is perfect, and this was not a comment on Cleveland as a whole, just our experience. As someone who works in hospitality in Manhattan, I can tell you that the Health Departmsnt makes it very difficult for even willing restaurants, even in their outside spaces, to cater to dogs. You will never see a brunch such as Luxe’s in New York City unless a restaurant is willing to lose their all important “A” letter grade. Another system restaurants don’t have to contend with in Cleveland. .


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