Dog Friendly Spotlight: Platform Beer Co.

So I think it’s about time I turn the reins over to the ultimate dog friendly patio enthusiast, my dog Hunter, for the regular Dog Friendly Spotlight series. Who would know better than a dog what a dog enjoys when he goes a patio? So from now on all DFS posts will be contributed by Hunter (with special appearances by his brother Roscoe as well).

Before we get into the review though, I’d like to introduce you to the author.

hunter beach
He chose this picture.


Hunter Boo Barkley was born Aug. 17, 2011. He lived the first few months of his life with someone else, but became a part of my family on March 18, 2012. As a puppy, Hunter was just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen and he has carried that cuteness with him through his adolescence. Hunter loves everyone he meets (except the mail carrier and the UPS delivery person) and will go out of his way to stay hi to every stranger he sees. When he’s not hitting up patios around Cleveland, Hunter enjoys sitting at the window and keeping watch of the neighborhood, eating bully sticks as fast as dogly possibly, rolling around in grass and snuggling with his brother, Roscoe.

Hunter is especially excited to contribute to this month’s Dog Friendly Spotlight: Platform Beer Co., one of the most dog friendly bars in Cleveland! Take it away Hunter!


My mom takes me to a lot of patios, but I don’t mind, I know that people like to see me. Sometimes though, I don’t get as much attention as I’d like or there aren’t a lot of other dogs there for me to sniff. In my book, a good patio is one that knows that I am the star and lets me get out and see my dawgs.

Sniff circle.
Sniff circle.


As soon as we walked up to the Platform patio (my mom wanted me to add that there’s a patio entrance next to Platform’s front door, so you don’t have to walk through the bar. Whatevs), I knew I was going to like this joint. There were four other dogs there and one was even off leash! What a cool dude. (Side note: I know I like to run, but I would come back Mom! Let me off leash!)


Patio entrance
Patio entrance


Anyways, so these dogs were really cool and we got to play a little bit and got some quality sniffing time in. It was pretty hot that night too, so luckily there were a few water bowls around the patio for me and my dawgs. I could really spread my paws out too. I don’t really love it when I have to be cramped under a table or have to move out of people’s way. It’s like people don’t understand how important I am sometimes… I don’t get it.

This patio had it all — lots of things to smell, I met some new dog friends and I got lots of attention. What more could a dawg ask for? (Some treats would be good, hint hint).

Final bark: This one gets five (out of five) dog biscuits. If you haven’t taken your dog there yet, you might want to ask yourself – do I really love him? Just kidding guys. My bro Rosky just told me some dogs don’t like patios. Crazy huh? Hope to see you out in the CLE!

The details:
Platform Beer Co.
4125 Lorain Ave. (North on W. 41st exit off I-90. Located on corner of Lorain and w. 41st.)

Mon: 3pm – close*
Tues: 3pm – close*
Wed: 3pm – close*
Thur: 3pm – close*
Fri: 3pm – 2am
Sat: 10am – 2am
Sun: closed

(From the website: *We will close when appropriate each night. Last call will be 15-20 minutes before closing each night.)

Note from Mom: As with most public places that are not dog parks, it is probably best to keep your dog on leash. During our visit, the dog that was off leash was a small, older dog who occasionally walked around, but wasn’t bothering anyone. I wouldn’t take Hunter off leash in a public (non-dog park) setting and I imagine plenty of other dogs would not do well with this as well. As always, the key to a good patio experience is to know your dog and be respectful of those around you, dogs and humans.

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The source for what to do with your dog in Cleveland.

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