Cleveland Dog Park Tour: South Euclid Dog Park

The latest installment in the Cleveland Dog Park Tour series takes us inside the South Euclid Dog Park. This post was contributed by Ana Maria Martinez and her dog, Bugsly, frequent visitors to the east side dog park.

Read on more details on what to expect at the park. Bugsly is so excited to share his favorite dog park with you!


South Euclid Dog Park

Where: This park is located on the north corner of Quarry Park on the intersection of Belvoir and Monticello. This also happens to be where Cleveland Heights and South Euclid meet, which means easy access for residents of both cities.


The details: It is fenced with 3 ft fencing, and based on my estimates from counting the fencing sections it is about 7,776 square-feet, which to me is a very comfortable size for a large number of dogs. There’s a double gate for entering, and clear posting of the rules. It has a water spigot and various water bowls that you can fill and move around the park. There is a designated bag dispenser as well as jugs hung all around the park with grocery bags for easy clean up. It has a little obstacle course and various structures for climbing and playing around, including lots of water hydrants which I’m guessing are more for show than actual fires. The ground is primarily gravel, which makes for easy cleaning and liquid drainage, though grass seems to have taken over around the perimeters. Lastly, there’s usually lots of tennis balls and occasionally other toys laying around, and they seem to be replaced occasionally so that’s nice as well.

The Busy Times: If the weather is good you’re bound to find a decent amount of dogs around any time between 4 and 8 pm, any day of the week. It’s a bit more unpredictable on weekends or earlier in the day, but even then we’ve usually found people coming in and out. Can’t say what it’s like in the colder months, but it seems like there’s a dedicated bunch that come rain or shine during rush hour times.


The Crowd: It is a park for dogs of all sizes, though I do generally see more medium and large dogs. However, my 20 lb Pug mix gets along fine, and you do see the occasional Yorkie or Chihuahua running around. Even though I’ve only been coming to the park for a few months, you can tell there’s a feeling of community with the people that remember your dogs names, and ask how they’ve been doing. People offer tips on places to go and products to try, and are keen to see how dogs’ behaviors tend to improve the more they come to the park.


On a recent weekend trip we made, there was a dog who used to be very anxious and wouldn’t come near anyone when he started going three months ago, but who fetched a ball for the first time that day and everyone cheered. I’ve even seen my dog become more assertive and active since he’s been going so it’s been a great experience and I would recommend it.

Thanks Ana Maria! If you’re interested in reviewing your local park, drop me a line at

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