Paddleboarding Pup

Hunter tried paddleboarding this past weekend –



And loved it!

We hit up Hinckley Lake for our paddleboarding adventure. You can rent paddleboards there, or boats and kayaks. Although Hunter was the only paddleboarding dog, there were several other dogs out on the water, one riding in a boat and a few just hanging out.

I wasn’t sure at first how Hunter would do. He does like to be out on the water, but he can sometimes have problems sitting still, so I figured it could go either way. He did much better than I expected though. He only had one moment of panic when he got on with my friend and jumped off the board as they pulled further out. Luckily, he dog paddled out like a pro (and also had a life jacket on).

When he got on the board with me, he was a paddleboarding pro! He just sat there and didn’t move an inch. I was so proud.

I was also so excited to use Hunter’s life jacket! I bought it on a whim at a dog fair the first year I got him and haven’t used it since. I am so glad that we are finally living out my dream of lots of water adventures! Next up – boating and kayaking!


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