5 Dog Friendly Summer Activities

It’s summer time, the best time of year in Cleveland! There are so many things to do when it’s nice outside, but you don’t want to leave your dog behind! Luckily many summer activities, from swimming to boating to getting ice cream, are perfect for all types of dogs.

Here are 5 dog friendly summer activities to get you out enjoying some quality summer time with your best furry friend(s)!


It’s not summer without some pool and lake time! Several area beaches allow dogs including Edgewater Beach (there’s a designated area for dogs, just follow the signs), Fairport Harbor on the east side, Columbia Rd. Beach in Bay Village and Bow Wow Beach in Stow. Bow Wow Beach is the only one that is entirely fenced in so dogs can be off leash. However, if you have a very well-behaved (has his “come” command down) water-savvy dog, I’ve noticed that most people do allow their dogs to be off leash on the beach.

Later this summer there should be some other opportunities for your dog to swim at local pools. Lakewood Dog Park’s annual dog swim and Dog Paddle and Pet-a-Palooza are two fun annual events to take your dog swimming. Lakewood holds its dog swim at the end of pool season (early September) and Dog Paddle and Pet-a-Palooza will be Aug. 23.


Go Paddleboarding/Kayaking/Boating

If you have a dog that loves the water, your summer plans should include some on the water activities like boating or paddleboarding. At Hinckley you can rent certain boats and bring your dog along. Find out more information here on prices and what boats dogs are allowed on. Hunter and I will be trying paddleboarding this weekend at Hinckley (weather permitting), so stay tuned for pictures!

Portage Lakes is another good option for water activities with your dog. There is also a dog park located near the lake if your dog gets bored being on the water. Also a little further away, at Kayak the Bay in Put-in-Bay, you can rent kayaks and bring your dog along for the ride. Find out more info here. Don’t forget your dog’s life jacket!


Go to a Wineryimage

There is nothing I love to do more in the summer than sit outside and drink wine. Luckily, I don’t have to leave my dogs behind when visiting area wineries. Sarah’s Vineyards in Akron is dog friendly and several other wineries, including Wolf Creek Winery, Debonne and Thorncreek hold yappy hour events throughout the summer where you can enjoy an evening out with your dog at a winery.

Read more about those (and other summer yappy hours) here: http://dogsinthecle.com/mark-your-calendars-yappy-hours


Go to a Drive in Movie

I don’t think drive in movies are great for every dog (Hunter would probably do too much barking), but if you have a calm, quiet dog, a few local drive in theatres, including the Elm Road Drive In Theatre in Warren and the Mayfield Rd. Drive In in Chardon are both dog friendly.

Also, next Tuesday at the Aut-O-Rama Drive In Theatre in North Ridgeville, they will be hosting “Take Your Pet to the Movies” night. For a $5 admission fee for your dog, he or she can tag along while you enjoy the double feature of ET and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Proceeds benefit Multiple Breed Rescue. Find out more info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1647117658857769/



Get Ice Cream

Since most ice cream places have outdoor areas, you should be able to bring your dog along wherever you go to enjoy some ice cream. I pretty much always see dogs outside of Mitchell’s locations and at Mason’s Creamery in Ohio City, you can bring your dog inside (but please check with the staff as it may depend on the customers inside at the time). So order your dog a tiny portion of vanilla ice cream and enjoy a special treat together. (Some dogs may not handle dairy very well, so check with your vet first before giving him or her ice cream).

At Dairy Queen  you can get your dog a “Pup Cup,” a small cup with vanilla soft serve and a treat on top, or just a small cup of vanilla soft serve.



What is your dog’s favorite summertime activity?



Author: dogsinthecle

The source for what to do with your dog in Cleveland.

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