The Best Easter Bunny Photo Ever Taken

Easter is fast approaching…have you gotten your dog’s photo taken with the Easter Bunny?

To be honest, I’ve always found the Easter Bunny to be creepy, and I don’t normally get seasonal photos taken of my dogs. But, one of my friends from Central Ohio Pom Rescue was posing as the bunny at Style Mutt so I said I’d come by. I was a little worried about Roscoe, but I knew Catherine (the bunny) would be really good with him.

As I imagined, Roscoe was pretty scared and Hunter was mostly confused. All of the pictures, though, were adorable. Here it is – one of the best Easter Bunny photos ever taken (the best, in my opinion).

Hunter & Roscoe IMG_0947

I hope I didn’t traumatize Roscoe too much. The photo was taken by Portraits by Martha ( and part of the proceeds went to Secondhand Mutts.

If you still need to get your dog’s photo taken, Hoppy Paws, Peter Cottontail, whatever you want to call him or her,  will be at Grateful Dog Bakery and the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter this weekend!

Author: dogsinthecle

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