Trick of the Month: Roll Out the Carpet

It’s time for the Trick of the Month from Robin at Fortunate Fido!

This is a trick that both dogs and people think is super-fun.

Roll out the Carpet!

Place a line of treats down the center of a yoga mat or throw rug or thick towel.  Roll it up and ask your dog to “roll it.”  Be sure there are enough treats at first that he sees them right away.  That way, he is pushing the rug with his nose.  When he has unrolled the whole thing and eaten all the treats, tell him “good boy” and give him another treat.  Repeat this procedure, gradually putting the treats further apart until there is just one treat at the end.  Be sure to continue to praise and treat at the end from your hand as well.

If he starts pawing instead of pushing with his nose, just prevent the mat from unrolling, and only let him be successful if he pushes with his nose.  Put the treats closer together on the next attempt.

When this trick is perfected, you can ask for a sit or a down on the unrolled mat to create a chained behavior.

Have fun with this one.  My dogs LOVE doing this trick.  I hope yours do, too.

Robin Murray is a Certified Trick Dog Instructor. She enjoys teaching tricks classes and competing with her three dogs in agility, rally, obedience and nosework. Check out Fortunate Fido at

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