50 Dogs Rescued from a Hoarder — How You Can Help

I have an extra soft spot for dogs rescued from hoarding situations as my dog Roscoe was rescued from a hoarder in Kentucky. I was lucky to be involved with Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue when they saved the dogs and ended up fostering two of the dogs, Brady and Roscoe, two wonderful dogs who didn’t deserve the hand they’d been dealt.


(That’s Roscoe on the left in the back)

Just this past week, the Geauga Humane Society rescued over 100 animals from a hoarding situation in Geauga County. They are in the process of bringing in nearly 50 dogs, along with a pig, 2 goats and 50 guinea pigs. The animals have been victims of serious neglect. The county had an eye on the situation and finally took the animals into custody when the owner wouldn’t come into compliance. The case will now be prosecuted under Ohio Humane Laws.

The dogs are going to need to be vaccinated, diagnosed, treated for disease and rehabilitated – which will be costly. Rescue Village is transferring some of their current dogs to other rescue groups, but they will need a lot of support from the community to foot the bill, which they expect will exceed $25,000.

(Photo credit: Rescue Village)

To help these dogs, Rescue Village is accepting donations to Project S.A.V.E. You can mail your contribution to – Project SAVE, P.O. Box 116, Novelty, Ohio 44072 or visit: http://www.give2gether.com/projects/project-save/

Also, check out their shelter wish list, as they will need a lot of supplies to care for all the dogs – www.geaugahumane.org/#!shelter-wishlist/co7y

None of the dogs are available for adoption yet, since they will all need to see the vet, as well as be socialized. I am so happy Rescue Village stepped in to give these dogs a second chance at life. I know from experience that some really great dogs will come out of this experience, so keep your eyes on Rescue’s Village website and Facebook for them to be posted!

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