Favorite Dogs on Instagram

I have a problem. I love to take pictures of my dog. I mean I really love it. I just think he is the cutest thing in the world and I want to capture his every face, pose and moment with my camera. Thank goodness for Instagram. It’s exposed me to a whole world of people like me who love taking photos of their dog. No where else can see you see as many cute dogs from all over the world all in one place.

From dogs dressed up to dogs playing hide and seek, Instagram has it all.  If you’re new to Instagram or looking for some new dogs to follow, here are some of my favorites.

Most Creative:

Andrew Knapp

Andrew takes photos of his border collie, Momo, hidden in different scenes, mainly around his native home of Sudbury, Ontario. Not only is Momo a beautiful dog, Andrew’s photos are beautifully shot. You don’t have to love dogs to appreciate his photos.


Best Local


The photos are as good as the captions. I love the distinctive voice Maybel has. I can just hear her funny little voice saying every caption.  Even better, she’s one of Cleveland’s own!


Best breed-specific

r_ose (Pomeranian) 

If you’re a pom lover like me, you have to follow r_ose. She takes photos of her 19 dogs – mainly Pomeranians, but a few Chihuahuas and a husky are thrown in there as well.


Corgnelius (Corgi)

Corgis are my second favorite breed of dogs after poms, so I follow quite a few corgi accounts. Corgnelius is one of my favorites. I love seeing photos of Corgnelius and his brother, Stumphery, two of the silliest dogs around.


Best Cause-Related

Blind Dog Jack

Also one of my other favorite pom Instagram accounts, Blind Dog Jack is a former puppy mill dog who is blind and a cancer survivor.  In between photos of him being cute, he advocates for an end to puppy mills. A dog with a cause – I love it!



What are some of your favorite dogs? Who else should I be following?

And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at dogsinthecle!

Author: dogsinthecle

The source for what to do with your dog in Cleveland.

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