Ice Cream Party!

I’m not exactly a crafty person who spends my day baking and doing DIY projects. But sometimes, Pinterest makes me think I could be this person. I’ve pinned a lot of dog recipes and projects, but most of them seem a little above my skill level. I saw an easy one recently though: DIY 3 Ingredient Dog Ice Cream Recipe, so I thought I’d start easy and give this a try.

I am very careful about what Hunter eats, and I never share my food with him, but since it’s his birthday week (yes, I am celebrating a day he has concept of for a week, don’t judge), I thought I’d make him something special. The good thing about making something for a dog is that chances are good they will eat it no matter what it tastes like, so there’s really no stress about messing it up.

I wanted to make the strawberry ice cream, but coconut butter is pretty expensive (and extremely hard to find) so I decided to skip that one and do two modified versions of the second recipe. (Also, I don’t like coconut, so Hunter probably doesn’t either.) I made the pumpkin-peanut butter one (substituting Greek yogurt) and improvised on the second one, blending pumpkin, blueberries, a little bit of honey and Greek yogurt.



One tip: unlike me, you should follow the instructions to put your mixture into self-serve cups (this is why I’m not a great baker, I don’t like to follow directions). After it freezes, the “ice cream” will be very hard to scoop out, it pretty much just becomes frozen pumpkin. Since I didn’t want to give Hunter the full bowl, I had to defrost it for a while before I could give Hunter any. I think putting it in an ice tray would be a good really idea.

Pumpkin is actually really great for dogs (pure pumpkin puree with no sugar). It’s a good source of fiber and can help dogs with digestive issues. You don’t want to give your dog too much since it is high in Vitamin A, but a tablespoon or so should be ok depending on your dog’s size. I was careful to start out slow and only give Hunter a little bit just to make sure nothing irritated his stomach.

If you do want to make ice cream for your dog, it’s a good idea to check if the fruit you want to add is safe for dogs. Here’s a good list to refer to:

I think it was a success! Hunter seemed a little unsure at first but then dug right in. Think I might need to have a dog ice cream party now!

Do you have any good recipes you like to make for your dog?

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