Dog Friendly Spotlight: Nighttown

I often feel bad that I don’t cover the dog friendly scene on the east side as much as I do on the west side. It’s not on purpose, though, it just seems that there are so many more dog friendly places on the west side. (But please let me know if I am missing any patios.)

That’s why I was excited to read about Nighttown opening two new patios last summer – one of them specifically for dog lovers. The jazz club/restaurant/bar has two outdoor patios, one is semi-enclosed and the one directly in the back of the restaurant is for us dog loving patrons.

Nighttown is a Cleveland favorite, noted for its live music as well as its innovative menu. The restaurant serves brunch on Sundays as well as lunch and dinner every day. I went for Sunday brunch on my visit. It was a little confusing figuring out how to get seated at the patio, since there was no staff outside and I couldn’t bring my dog inside to find a hostess. My friend waited outside with the dogs while I found a hostess to get seated.


For some reason on our visit the dog friendly patio was empty. It seemed maybe we had just missed a brunch rush, or maybe due to the impending rain people didn’t want to risk sitting outside. Although I like that Nighttown has its own dog friendly patio, at least on my visit, sitting out there felt like being banished. Especially since the other patio was filled with people.


I am appreciative of any place that makes a special effort to include dogs, so I am assuming it just felt this way because no one else was out that morning. The service was definitely very dog friendly. The hostess came out and brought some water for the dogs and gave them the attention they were craving (which is very important for my dog).

The Verdict: Any place that promotes that it has a dog friendly patio is a good place to visit in my opinion. Although the atmosphere was slightly tainted by the fact the patio was deserted on my visit, it’s still a large, spacious patio perfect for enjoying a meal alongside your dog.

12387 Cedar Rd, Cleveland

Mon-Sat from 11:30am-3pm
Brunch on Sunday 10am-3pm
Dinner Sun-Thur 3pm-12:00am
Dinner Fri-Sat 3pm-1am

Author: dogsinthecle

The source for what to do with your dog in Cleveland.

One thought on “Dog Friendly Spotlight: Nighttown”

  1. I am 43,far westside (Amherst)
    I’m a huge dog lover. I enjoy reading your posts on all the great dog friendly patios. My jack Russell, Earl ( a sweet little shortie) and I go quite a bit. If it’s not too hot my 15yr old golden, Jake comes too. We go to Edgewater every Thursday then head over to Whiskey Island. We enjoy Sunday brunch at Rocky River wine bar. We like to go to a different patio as much as we can.
    When it’s not too hot, we go to Lorenzos in Oberlin on Monday nights. The entire patio is dogs & a plus is they donate a portion to a local rescue.
    Anyway if you’d ever like some company when going to check out some new patios, we d love to join you!
    Leslie, Jake & Earl


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