My First Foster

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have seen a lot of pictures lately of a cute little white furball named Vinnie. Up until a few days ago I was fostering him for Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue. Vinnie was dumped at a shelter, severely overweight, and stayed there for weeks with no interest until COPR rescued him days away from being put down. It makes me tear up thinking about it. I mean look at this guy:


From the shelter to two different fosters, Vinnie showed no signs of the trauma and hard times he’d been through. So many times you hear  from people who haven’t had much experience with rescued dogs how hard it is to adopt a rescued dog. ‘Oh, they all have issues… You don’t want to get into that.’ And of course, some of them do have issues that take real work and patience to deal with. Wouldn’t you have issues if you were dumped at a shelter, abused, abandoned or any of the horrible stories that rescuers like COPR hear about every day? It’s not an easy life. What is amazing about dogs though is that they are resilent. If you give a dog love and show them that you can be trusted, they will come around. They have so much love to give. And sometimes you get a dog like Vinnie, who just loves everyone he meets and goes along with what life brings him. Although I only had Vinnie for a couple weeks, he quickly found a place in my heart.

There are millions of dogs like Vinnie out there looking for homes. Some of them are damaged and some of them aren’t. But once you see all of the dogs that need homes, you know how important dog adoption is. This blog is a no judgment zone, so I am not going to get preachy here. I only bring this up because I think there are still people that aren’t aware of the millions of wonderful dogs being rescued every year that need a home. Or, more often, people that don’t realize the horror of the puppy mills that most pet stores dogs come from. I share Vinnie’s story to let people know that there are great homeless dogs out there. Hopefully next time you’re looking for a dog you’ll consider adopting one of them.

It wasn’t easy to give Vinnie up. I can tell you I came very close to being a foster failure. But when I met the family that wanted to adopt him I knew that it was the right place for him, that he would finally get the life he so deserved. Their love for him was instant, as it is for everyone who meets Vinnie, and I knew he would be spoiled rotten in the best possible way for the rest of his life. I would’ve loved to have Vinnie around longer, but it’s for the best. There are more dogs out there that need a home and I am excited for my next foster. COPR recently rescued 15 chihuahuas from Kentucky so there are lots of new dogs that will soon be looking for a home. If you are interested in fostering, or want to donate to help out with this large intake of dogs, contact


Visit for more info on these dogs.

Love you always Vinnie, congratulations on your new home!

Vinnie with his new brother, Prinzie.
Vinnie with his new brother, Prinzie.


Also, check out the recently updated adoption page if you are in the market for a new dog:

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