Weekend roundup + Exciting News!

So first the exciting news – I’ve started fostering an adorable pom named Vinnie! I’d been thinking about fostering for a long time and it was my talk with dog-fosterer Kara (for the blog  – So you want to be a dog foster) as well as Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue’s desperate need for fosters, that persuaded me to give it a try. 

Vinnie arrived last Wednesday and has been adjusting to his new temporary home like a pro. He was rescued from a shelter by Central Ohio Pomeranian Rescue. When they got him he was severely overweight, but he has dropped over 10 lbs and is doing great now. He’s between 8-10 years old and a really awesome dog. I am so excited to have him and can’t wait to find him the perfect home! Whoever gets this sweet guy is going to be very lucky.

So far Hunter and him get along great. Hunter loves dogs and Vinnie seems to be comfortable around him, although not really interested. Hunter can be a little pushy and high energy, but Vinnie stands his ground and doesn’t let Hunter push him around. Hunter seems to be aware of this and gives Vinnie his space, which is interesting because he doesn’t normally do that. I’ve had other dogs stay for short periods of time that aren’t interested in playing, and Hunter is always trying to get them to play. For some reason he doesn’t really do this with Vinnie. They are very respectable of each other’s space and it’s not been an issue at all with them getting along.

It was a good weekend for my first weekend with Vinnie. We took a long walk Saturday afternoon (he is a really great walker, I’m hoping it rubs off on Hunter) and then hit up Heck’s in Ohio City for some patio time. Vinnie was great on the patio and, of course, everyone loved Hunter and him.

Sunday we hit up Around the Corner for a dog friendly brunch benefitting the Lakewood Animal Shelter. Around the Corner is not normally dog friendly, so it was nice of them to allow the dogs on their large patio for the special event. It was an especially fun event because there was a lot of poms there! Vinnie and Hunter felt right at home.

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Weekends like these are why I love summer in Cleveland! It’s great to get out and spend some time with your dog(s) on patios and at brunch after a busy week.

If you’d like more information on Vinnie, visit: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.631559273579503.1073741976.203914489677319&type=3

**I’d love for someone in the Cleveland area to adopt him so I can see him!**

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