CLE Canines (and Puppies!) of the Week

Meet Aria and Loki (and their puppies!)


Age: 4 yrs
Breed: Samoyed
Hobbies: Going for runs, barking at squirrels,
playing with ALL the dogs at the Lakewood dog park
and sleeping in the bath tub to keep cool!
Age: 2 yrs
Breed: Samoyed
Hobbies: Snuggling and getting pets, she loves attention!
Greeting people, barking and jumping in the air to chase after birds! Playing with
all of the humans at the Lakewood dog park – she’s more of a people person!

The Puppies!

No names yet until they find homes!
Age: Born 5/1/14
Breed: Samoyed

3 males and 4 Females
Hobbies: Sleeping close together, making a mess of their food bowl,
wrestling and trying to climb out of their pen! Yapping at 4am (late night playtime).
Least favorites: getting their nails clipped!
The puppies are looking for homes! Visit for more info.

Author: dogsinthecle

The source for what to do with your dog in Cleveland.

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