Dog Friendly Spotlight: Spice Kitchen+Bar

Dog Friendly Places Cleveland

(Summer 2016 update – I’ve been informed Spice Kitchen is no longer dog friendly)

If you follow me on Facebook you know that I am pretty excited about it being patio season again. This makes going out on weekdays and busy weekends a lot less stressful when I know I have the option of bringing my dog along. This past beautiful weekend was our first time out to a patio this year so we decided to try a new place – Spice Kitchen+Bar in Gordon Square.

Voted best new restaurant in 2013, Spice focuses on fresh, local food, preparing menu items with ingredients from their own garden. In addition to the delicious food, the restaurant has a gorgeous patio out back. Between this patio and Luxe’s spacious outdoor area, the Gordon Square area is really making a play for best dog friendly neighborhood.

Dog Friendly Places Cleveland
The patio


The patio is first come first serve, so you can head straight back there with your dog and find your table (you enter right from the parking lot behind Spice).  There were no other dogs there, but we took a table near the back of the patio just to stay out of the way. Right after we sat down a server offered to bring Hunter a bowl of water – a gesture which always gives them extra points on the dog friendly scale.

Dog Friendly Places Cleveland
Happy Doggie


The spacious patio makes this a good choice for dogs of all sizes. The staff and patrons seemed excited to see Hunter and, luckily, he was on his best behavior. His behavior was so good that a guy who said he normally doesn’t like dogs asked me how much I’d take for Hunter. Hunter is (of course) priceless, but it’s good to know a well behaved dog on a patio can change the mind of an avowed dog-disliker.

Dog friendly places Cleveland
Ahh, patio life

The verdict: I’d give it an 8 out of 10 on the dog friendly scale, making it a must visit patio. Did I also mention they have a weekend happy hour from 4-7? I’m not sure why this patio isn’t packed every night.

5800 Detroit Avenue Cleveland



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