Dog Gone Easter Egg Hunt

So Hunter and I did the Dog Gone Easter Egg Hunt at SouthPark Mall this past weekend. The easter egg hunt/dog walk is a fun event that raises money for the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

The “easter egg hunt” aspect of the walk was that each participant had to stop at various vendors spread throughout the mall and have them mark off their sheet. In order to get your dog’s picture taken with the Easter Bunny you had to have a check mark on your sheet for each vendor. At each booth you had the chance to learn about the various vendors including the Cleveland APL, Q104, the PUP Program at Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and the MetroPet Veterinary Clinic, among others.

According to the Cleveland APL more than 430 dogs and people attended the walk and more than $4,600 was raised for the APL. Admission to the event was free, but a donation was requested for entry and the APL also allowed people to set up fundraising pages in advance to raise money.

We didn’t stick around for the Easter Bunny since the line was super long and I was having a difficult time getting Hunter to walk. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my post the other week about how he just randomly stops on our walks and I can’t get him to move. Sometimes it’s loud noises, or sometimes there’s just areas he doesn’t like (maybe because of memories of loud noises), but it makes taking a walk very difficult at times. Hunter was doing this during the Easter Egg Hunt too, so it became a little difficult to get through the whole thing. He is usually not so fearful, so I am not sure what is going on currently. If anyone has any good tips/advice about this, please let me know!

Since I didn’t get Hunter’s picture taken, here’s a good one posted on the APL’s Facebook page:

Photo credit – Cleveland Animal Protective League

To view more photos of the event check out the APL’s photos:


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