An Interview With Buford The Basset Hound

You may remember Buford the Basset Hound as the first CLE Canine of the Week, as well as from his tour of CLE. This week we check in to see what Cleveland’s favorite basset hound has been up to lately.


It’s been a busy start to 2014 for Buford, a nine-year-old basset hound from greater Cleveland.  When he’s not busy watching the Puppy Bowl or Westminster Dog Show, or chasing the wild turkeys out of his yard, he’s been enjoying minor celebrity status for his recently-created Instagram account, @hound_town.  Buford took time out of his “busy” schedule to sit down with Dogs in the CLE to discuss all things hound dog.

Dogs in the CLE: Buford, thanks for joining us.  Your agent told us you were booked solid until May, so we really appreciate you clearing your schedule in order to sniff the breeze with us.  Why don’t you start by telling us about the wild turkeys who invaded your yard?

Buford: First off, thanks for having me.  I had to push back my morning nap in order to be here, but it’s worth it to have the opportunity to share my story.  The wild turkeys have been a thorn in my tri-colored side.  They’ve been visiting my yard daily this winter, eating the birdseed that I’m almost certain Mom puts out for me.  Unfortunately, since my ears are much less flight-inducing than they look, I haven’t been able to catch the turkeys when they fly away.  But make no mistake – I intend to provide Thanksgiving dinner this year.


Dogs in the CLE: This winter weather has afforded you numerous opportunities to snow hike…and yet, more often than not, your laziness prevails and you opt to veg at home.  What gives?

Buford: I’ve stuck my nose in the snow a few times this winter, most notably when I hiked The Ledges within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  But yes, I’m a lazy old man most of the time.  And that’s the way I like it.  I’ve been a bit of a couch potato lately…I enjoyed watching the Puppy Bowl, and especially the Westminster Dog Show, though I question how the judges could have possibly scored the bloodhound higher than the basset.


Dogs in the CLE: And finally, tell us about your social media stardom.

Buford: Well, I’ve been dabbling with social media for quite some time now, but I’ve really hit my stride with @hound_town.  I’ve made lots of friends on there like @watsonhound, @allearsdownhere and @frankiethebasset.  I still haven’t overcome my fear of vacuum cleaners, much less learned how to operate a smartphone, but I’m told I’m fairly photogenic, so I guess that must count for something.


This post was contributed by Matt Bixenstine, Buford’s faithful sidekick.

Author: dogsinthecle

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