My Five Favorite Dog Apps

Hunter-approved pet apps

There really is an app for everything, even your pets. From pet fitness tips, cute puppy pictures to pet emergencies, there’s an app that can help with you with many of the issues you deal with as a pet parent, plus some ones that just fun.

Here are some of my favorite dog-related apps:

Pet First Aid App

Released by the American Red Cross, this app provides you with videos and step by step advice for most pet emergencies. The Pet First Aid app also gives  information on maintaining your dog’s health. Cost: 99 cents.


This app helps you stay on top of all the things that may be harmful to your dog. Many common plants found in your yard or on walks may be toxic to your dog, so this app will help you should you come across something that you’re not sure about. It also lets you save your vet’s number so you can connect to them easily in the event of an emergency. Cost: 99 cents.

Weather Puppy

Weather Puppy

You probably have a weather app on your phone so why not have one that gives you the forecast and pictures of cute puppies? This might be my favorite pet app. It really softens the blow of seeing -4 degrees on your phone when it’s accompanied by a cute puppy. Cost: free.


This app helps you track your dog walks, view a history of walks as well as receive a list of recommended exercises for your dog. You hear a dog barking sound when you start and stop your walk so you are alerted to the tracking. You can also connect to social media to share your walks. Cost: free.


You probably wouldn’t know this considering the abundance of pictures I post of my dog, but I actually have a hard time getting Hunter to pose for pictures. I was intrigued when I came across this app, as most of the noises I make to get him to stay focused don’t work that well. PetSnap lets you choose from a number of different noises, such as dog barking, paper crumbling, door bell (if you want a picture of your dog going crazy, I guess), cat noises or squeeze toy, among others, to get your dog’s attention. Cost: $1.99.

Here’s Hunter looking confused by the cat sounds coming from my phone:

I don’t see a cat…

Do you use any apps for your dog? What are your favorites?

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Author: dogsinthecle

The source for what to do with your dog in Cleveland.

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