Why I am thankful for my dog

In honor of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share some reasons why I am thankful for my dog, Hunter. I would love to hear why you are thankful for your dog, please share in the comments!

Because I never need to get my doorbell fixed or buy a security alarm…
Hunter keeps a close watch on the goings on of the neighborhood from his perch at the window. I know every time my neighbors come in or out, every time they have friends over to visit, when my neighbor across the street gets home, when their cat leaves the porch…  He keeps me well informed.


On neighborhood watch

Because he’s a dog uniter

When Hunter meets a dog, he won’t give up until that dog is his friend. A few of my friends’ dogs, and my sister’s dog, don’t like other dogs. Hunter, on the other hand, has met very few dogs he doesn’t like. I can’t say he has been successful yet in winning over any of these dogs, but he is definitely still trying.


Trying to win over his cousin Riley

Because he loves to travel
I can take Hunter anywhere. He’s not scared of crowds, noises, car rides. He just wants to get out and see people. When I first got him, I had to transition him from having free reign of the car (which usually meant he’d work his way up to the front to sit on my lap) to wearing a harness and he took it like a pro. He now sits in the back patiently waiting his next adventure.
Ready for a road trip!

Because he’s always up for an adventure
I have put Hunter through a lot for this blog, and plan to put him through a lot more, because I know he loves adventure. He has a few weird fears (my kitchen doorway, dog gates), but for the most part he is up for whatever.
Come play!
The number one reason I am thankful for my dog….



That Smile!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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