CLE Canine(s) of the Week – Adoption Edition

It’s a special edition of the CLE Canine of the Week this week featuring two adorable puppies that are looking for a home.
Meet Tanner and Stripe!
Full Name: Tanner and Stripe
Breed:  Not Sure, some kind of terrier or collie mix.  We might know
more once they get a little bigger.
Age:  6 weeks old more or less.
Hobbies:  They are both very loving and playful boys. They love to be picked up and carried, but are also happy to follow right along wherever your going.  They are brave and love to explore the house and yard.  They get cold easily and need some snuggling when they come inside from a cold morning visit to the yard.  They are good with other dogs and often play with their foster brother Rocco the Golden Retriever.  They will even play tug-a-war with him despite the forty pound size difference.

Background: They were full of fleas and worms and in sorry shape when they arrived, but after a few days of TLC, medicine, and good food they are flea free and healthy and full of joy and life.  They boys are mostly quiet, though Tanner can sound off when he wants to.  They sleep all night.  Their accidents are few and they go outside with no problem except for the cold.  They are very little trouble and lots of fun.

They will be ready to go home right after Thanksgiving.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tanner and Stripe, contact their foster, John Chapman at

Author: dogsinthecle

The source for what to do with your dog in Cleveland.

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