How to help out Cleveland dogs this Holiday season

Since starting this web site a little over six months ago, I’ve learned a lot about the local dog community, about how caring and dedicated Clevelanders are to the wellbeing of dogs in this city. Of course you hear the awful stories of dogs being abandoned or abused, but there are far more really great dog owners and caring individuals working hard to save and care for dogs all across the city.
I also know from getting more involved in the dog community that it can feel overwhelming reading about all of the dogs that need help. As much as I’d love to adopt them all, or more realistically, just one of them, it doesn’t work for me right now to do so. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways that I can help.  We can all play a part in caring for the dogs of this city through donations, monetary support or volunteering time.

I always think of Thanksgiving not only as a time to give thanks, but also to give back. So in honor of the holiday, here are some ways you can give back to the local dog community:



Friends of the Cleveland Kennel has put together a wish list of items they would like for the dogs at their kennel. They are looking for donations of dog and cat canned food, toys for dogs and cats, dog beds and more. You can drop off the donations at the Kennel (2690 West 7th St. Cleveland 44113). To see the complete list visit their site:
The Cleveland APLmakes it super easy to help out. They’ve created a wish list on, so you can just order on the site and send it directly to them. To view the list, visit:
One way you can help out the Lake Humane Society, is by sponsoring a cage. A donation of $15/month or $180/year will help provide a safe environment, food, and veterinary care for their animals. For more information visit:
Secondhand Muttsalso has an Amazon wish list: easy ordering. You can also check out their donations page for other donations they need:
The Parma Animal Shelter is holding an event this weekend to raise money for the shelter. Pause for Paws will be held on Nov. 23 at the Parma Tavern. Tickets are $25 per person and the event will feature music from The Props, as well as all you can drink and eat and a raffle. If you donate an item on their wish list at the door, you will receive a ticket for a door prize. Find out more information here: If you can’t make the event, you could just visit their Target (see above) or Amazon wish lists to donate.
The Berea Animal Rescue Fund lists a number of ways you can help out on their web site. From sewing blankets for cages, aluminum can donations to being a dog companion, there are lots of ways to offer your service. Visit their site for more info:
Rescue Village has a program they call Project S.A.V.E . (Saving Animals with Veterinary Emergencies), where you can donate to help the organization provide extra veterinary care to help an animal in need. Teddy, was one such dog to benefit from this fundraiser. Teddy came to RV after being hit by a car and Project S.A.V.E. provided the necessary funds for his $3,000 surgery to fix his broken scapula. To donate, visit:
This list is just a sampling of the organizations and the help that they need. All shelters can benefit from your time or monetary donations, contact your local shelter directly , or visit their web site, to find out the ways you can help.





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