The Dog Owner Files: Buford Does CLE

This is the second installment in “The Dog Owner Files” where CLE dog owners tell their stories. This post is contributed by Matt Bixenstine, uncle of an 8-year-old basset hound named Buford.

Buford, an eight-year-old rescued basset hound, typically lives a rather uneventful life in the quiet north Akron suburb of Bath with his empty-nest owners.  But every so often, Buford’s everyday routines are replaced by adventure when he travels north to visit his “fun uncle” in Lakewood.

When Buford leaves his rural roots behind to visit the “most densely populated city between New York and Chicago,” he must undergo some adjustments.  Tame squirrels, traffic that does not stop and intoxicated patio bar-goers gushing and wanting to pet the “Hush Puppy Dog” as he strolls Madison Avenue, represent foreign concepts to this tri-colored hound dog.

Still, Buford always manages to adapt and enjoy himself.  His recent trip saw him checking out Lakewood Dog Park, where he met five Great Danes, including two puppies who, at the tender age of three months, already appeared to be the same size as Buford.

But not all of the Great Danes were Buford-sized.  One of the full-size Great Danes decided to borrow the lap of Buford’s friend Alyse.

Although Buford has visited Lakewood numerous times – experiencing everything from Lakewood Park to the Lakewood Village Tavern – last month marked his first time enjoying the legendary lakefront city that is Cleveland, Ohio.  There, Buford went to Voinovich Park to take in the sights and sounds along the majestic coast of Lake Erie.

As is usually the case, Buford’s getaway weekend ended far too early for his liking.  Thankfully, though, another adventure awaits this droopy hound.  Buford intends to journey to greater Columbus later this month for his inaugural appearance at Ohio Basset Fest, an annual celebration of all things basset sponsored by Ohio Basset Hound Rescue.

Perhaps Buford’s life is not so mundane after all!


Author: dogsinthecle

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